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Beware of Extremists

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil al-Haqqani (Qs), sohbat – 1st August, 2014.

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet (qs)

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati As’habi RasulAllah, madad ya Masha’ikhina, madad ya Sheikh Abdullah Faizi Daghestani, madad ya Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyya.

Ad-dinu n-nasiha. Religion is advice. In fact it is obligatory to give advice here. And it is obligatory to listen too. It’s obligatory to accept the truth. Hadhrat Ali Effendi said that the sign of craziness is “imma ifrat, imma tafrik”, meaning you go from one extreme to the other. And in our religion of Islam – “ad-dina l-wasata”, you have to be in the middle. That’s why nowadays we can see everywhere people are going to extremes. This is not a smart thing. A smart person won’t do bad things when he gets angry. He has to know the real meaning. Also does it comply with the command of Allah? While you think you’re doing good, in fact, you’re doing bad. You destroy both yourself and others.

Why am I telling this? Nowadays, we see that fitna is everywhere, all around the world. Some people are being oppressed, very oppressed. When they stand up to stop that oppression, they do much worse. They do a useless thing then. They have strength, huge weapons in their hands. You destroy and kill people. Then, as if it’s not enough, you destroy the houses of Allah. You blow them into air, you blow up the graves. Our Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) says to respect even the bones of the dead, deceased Muslims. You blow up beloved servants of Allah. Not only alive, but also dead people can’t escape from your oppression. Do you think what you do is good? Or you think you will succeed in it?

I don’t know if he did as much as you, but Genghis Khan destroyed with the Mongol armies too. In less than a year, nothing was left. This man was thousand, ten thousand times stronger than you. In 3-5 years, he destroyed everything. Now, it’s not even known where his palace or his grave is. Now ask where he is now. It’s unknown. And are you going to be eternal by oppressing?

In contrast, there is the Ottoman Empire, which goes on the right way and makes people live in justice, goodness and mercy on the way of Allah. Khalifas of the Prophet, Khalifat-ul Muslimeen, they were lasting for 700 years. They didn’t oppress anyone. People used to ask for help from Ottomans everywhere. They went even to India. Ottomans went to Malaysia and Indonesia in order to help Muslims over there. Anyone who heard the name of Ottomans would start trembling. There was no unbeliever who wasn’t afraid of them. Many years passed since then.

This oppression can’t go on like this. They say “Az-zulmu la yadum”. (Oppression doesn’t last) It’s a known truth. You say you are ahl-us sunnah. Ahlu s-sunnah can’t be like this. Or you have gone out of ahlu s-sunnah. Who doesn’t know madhhabs and shariah can’t be from ahlu s-sunnah. Ahl-us sunnah are the people who don’t do harm to what Allah has ordered. Oppression is zulumat. Zulumat is darkness. The more you oppress, the more you become harmed. Who do we tell this to? We tell this because there are many deceived people. Who has gone there is stuck, no goodness from them. I don’t think they’ll do good. Because who does oppression is cursed by Allah. He can’t be saved because he has oppressed and killed Muslims. He will go to eternal hell.

But there are many deceived young people from Central Asia. Somehow many people are deceived in that region. Our Prophet was not like this. Our Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) and Qur’an describes them as the biggest unbelievers, the biggest hypocrites. Don’t be deceived by them. Don’t be among them. Nothing can be attained with bombs, guns and weapons. It is with justice, beauty and guidance. The more you oppress, the more troubles come onto you, the more people following you will be destroyed. That’s because we hear many people being deceived.

Our Prophet says, he was Arab but Arabs are not from him. Who are the worst unbelievers? The unbelievers of Quraysh. Our people assume they are saints when they see Arabs. These Arabs don’t believe in saints. I don’t understand how you see them as saints then. I get angry here but with a reason because we know what is inside and outside them. Everyone sees it now. As our Prophet said, he was Arab, but Arabs are not from him. The Prophet is ahead of Arabs, he doesn’t accept them. He says to follow whoever is on the right way. He says “walaw ‘abdan habashiyyan”, meaning – even if it is a black man on the right way, follow him. But if he’s from Quraysh and unbeliever, don’t follow. It is obligatory to listen to what our Prophet says. That’s why, be cautious, don’t destroy yourself. Aiming to become a shahid, don’t become dirty, don’t be like a carcass. Because the one who oppresses Muslims on purpose will go to eternal hell. Our Prophet says so.

May Allah protect all of us. May Allah give understanding to these people. And we are not afraid of anyone. Allah is with us. He is not with the oppressors.

Today we speak about to be extreme. Hz Ali he was saying from the side of madness – “imma ifrat imma tafrik” – to go to the end of this side or you must be in the right in the middle. Allah said in Quran, “We created you “Ja’alnakum ‘Ummatan Wasatan” (2:143) “We make you a middle Nation”- to be in the middle not to be extreme. Extreme is not good. Why we say this? Because these days there is big fitna around us. And people… there was oppression, they have been oppressed for many years. And other people came and said, “we will save you from this.” And beginning war. But what happened? The old oppression it is now very light from what happened now, from these people who they said “we will save you.” They make oppression for these people 100 times more. Of course you have oppression, but when you do this, you are making people to say “how it was nice in the old days.”

And these people they are making oppression for every people, even that people, not the same from their oppression. And even House of Allah, mosques, they are blowing up. How you can do this? Prophet (said) (swas) even one bone of Muslim if it is old, maybe 10 year 100 years, you must take it and put it (bury) again, respecting it. How you do this and you are saying “we are Muslims, we are saving you?” This is not Ahlu s-Sunnah. Ahlu s-Sunnah they are not like this.

There are two kinds of Muslims. Ahlu s-Sunnah and the others they are all extremists, all! What you have out of Ahlu s-Sunnah – they are extremist. We accept Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, we accept S. Omar, we accept S. Osman, we accept S. Ali (kAw). And we accept and respect Ahlu l-Bayt. This is the etiquette of Ahlu s- Sunnah wa l-Jamaat. Who saying not respecting and saying this is this and that, they are out of Ahlu s-Sunnah, they are extremist. Which kind of part, this is extreme of Islam, Muslim, not Islam, Muslim. Because Islam is one. The right Islam….Islam is away (far) from these people. Especially non-Muslim people quickly they say “Islam.” But Islam is different and Muslims are different. Islam is the purest religion, because it comes from Allah (awj). But Muslims they are weak against their egos, against their people. They can make…they are following Islam maybe 5%, not 100%, but after people say “this is Islam”. No! This is not Islam.

And to…those who think we are strong, we are good fighters, we have good weapons, we quickly we take and kill, destroy everything, and we will be here. No they don’t think because oppression is not going to continue – for a very short time it is. Because before these people, before a 1000 year or 900 something like this, there was Genghis Khan Mongol Emperor, he came to all this area, and he destroyed Samarkand, Bukhara to Baghdad, even everything he destroyed. Hulagu he was destroying Baghdad and throwing all books in Tigris (river). But how many years he was in power? Maybe only 2 years he was in this area. After what happened, finished! Even now they don’t know where is his grave. They looked saying “maybe here, maybe here. No palace, nothing.”

But compared to this there is another good example – Ottoman Empire. There was Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa they were respecting Prophet, Awliya’, sahaba, all the sahaba. And respecting Ahlu l-Bayt, Ahlu t-Tariqa. And they had justice and mercy. So they were 700 years in power. You can imagine? It is the longest Empire since.. in history. Why? Because there was justice. With justice it continues with oppression it is a very short time. For a very short time it continues. Because they (Ottomans) were respecting all sahaba and others, so Alhamdulillah it was a long and nice for Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa’, and they were fighting all ahlu l-bida’ who wanted to make fitna in Islam. They were fighting against them, nobody could hear their voice. And besides them they were fighting also non-believers because they were attacking them because shaytan doesn’t like Prophet’s (saws) flag to be high.

And there was Khalifa of Muslims, Khalifa of Prophet (saws) defending Islam and Muslims. Even in India, they were defending Muslims in Indonesia also. Everywhere they were hearing the word… the name of Ottoman, they were afraid. They cannot do anything against Islam. Why? Because Allah supports them, Prophet (saws) support them. Why we say this? We are not saying for these people who are not fighting because these fighting people they are finished now. I don’t know if… They are cursed from Allah. Because they are making not acceptable things. But we say this for many people from Asia, from Pakistan from other people they want to join them they thought they are right. No! Don’t go there. They are not right.

These people in Quran and Prophet (saws) he was saying. In Quran “Al A’rabu ashaddu kufran wa nifaqan” (9:97) Hypocrites, these Arabs. These people, especially these people. And our non-Arab people, when they saw one Arab saying something, they thought he is a saint. How do you say he is a saint? They don’t believe in saints. Why believe them? Prophet (saws) he said “I am Arab, but the Arabs are not from me.” And he was saying, the most enemies to him they were his tribe, Quraysh. Kuffar Quraysh they are the most famous for this. And Prophet (saws) he was saying also, to follow negro, habashi, man who is on right way, taking you to Allah. If he is, you must follow him. But if he is from Quraysh and Arab and he is making bad things, don’t follow him. So, this is opening.

Don’t be cheated by who is saying “we are Arab, we are knowing Quran.” They don’t know anything. Even they don’t know how to read it. We are in big fitna days. So we are “Ad-dinu n-nasiha” (Hadith) Din/religion is to give advice. And to give advice is obligatory, and to listen to this advice it is also obligatory. So we are advising our people – Don’t be cheated and you are thinking you’re going to be shahid. No! You are not going to be shahid if you do these things. Only you are a murderer and you will be judged like this. And who kills a Muslim with oppression, he will be in hell forever. This is what is written in The Quran and what the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) said in Hadiths.

So don’t be cheated and come to Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa’ even if they don’t have weapons for what they have now in their hands. They are with Allah, they are more powerful than these people who have everything. Alhamdulillah we are not afraid, because Allah is with us and insha’Allah not against us.

Alhamdulillah, wa min Allahi t-Tawfiq Al Fatiha.


Attributes of Awliya

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil al-Haqqani (Qs), sohbat – August 4, 2014.


As-salamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. A‘udhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad, ya Sadatı Ashabi Rasulillah, madad, ya Mashayikhına fi t-tariqati n-Naqshibandiya, madad ya Shaykh Abdullah Faiz adDaghistani, madad ya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani dastur. Tariqatuna as-sohba, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyya.

Man is created with the characteristic of wildness. Allah, Azza wa Jalla, sent prophets in order to teach man how to turn that characteristic into a good, useful thing. After the time of the prophets came those who followed their ways, after them came saints and scholars. They came one after one, to teach what the prophets had taught. Man should never be idle. When he is idle, he begins to do bad things. To begin, he will deny Allah or, try to suit Allah’s commands to his own whims and his own ideas, saying, “this is Allah’s wish”.

This becomes the fitna of shaytan, what his nafs and his desire are asking. Therefore, it is important to have a murshid. A murshid is a person whose wish is to do Allah’s command. These are people whom Allah appointed to show others the way, to give them guidance. Shaytan does not love these people. Shaytan does not like them, and they also do not like those that shaytan loves. They call them mushrik, or whatever. Some say mushrik, some say something else. Shaytan and his friends do not like these people. But they are people beloved to Allah and His Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam).

It is written about them: “A la inna awliya-Allahi la khawfun ‘alayhim wa la hum yahzanun”(10:36). There is no fear for those who are Friends of Allah, nor any sorrow. Allah does not cause them to be distressed, nor does He cause them to be fearful. Nothing else matters to them except to be with Allah Almighty. They fear only Allah and the Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). Besides this they fear nothing. What causes them sorrow is when people are carried away by shaytan, when they are caught by the devil.

Nothing else causes them sadness, no personal concern is distressing to these people. Not illness, nor hunger or thirst. They do not grieve about themselves. However, these days there are many who spread false teachings. This happens in every age, of course as shaytan keeps changing his appearance. If it always stayed the same, everyone would know it. But nowadays philosophy is gaining strength and disputation, and what is called theology; shaytan engages in those things and manages to destroy people’s belief.

Those are their means, therefore we warn our people that murshids are beloved servants of Allah and His Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). From the time of the Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) to this day, they have passed on from one shaykh to the next, from one murshid to the next. What they took from that ocean they distributed it step by step to this present day. They are not the kind of people who come across a handful of water and then dry up. So, you must know their value. You must know the value of these saintly people.

Do not be cheated by those people who nowadays have no murshid. In any case, it is clear who is the true murshid, who is the false one, who is shaytan’s friend and who is Allah’s friend. May Allah not part us from this path. May Allah guide those leaving this way. Let them come to this way, insha’Allah He sorts out their minds.

We are speaking about Awliya’Allah. One of their sifat, attributes, it is said, ‘murshid’, who gives irshad. Meaning who is showing you the right way. Who is showing you the right way, these people they are servants of Allah, Allah loves them. They are coming continuously from Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) because Allah sent Prophets and Companions and Awliya’Allah and real mashsha’ikh from Allah since the beginning, from Adam (as). And these people, what they want is only to take people to right way, to not let them go with shaytan, with satan.

These people, they are since Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) millions, because at any time we have 124.000 Awliya’Allah. Any minute when somebody passing, again another one coming behind him. So, since Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) there’s millions, they came and passed away. These people, who they are? How you can describe these people? Shaytan was loving them? No, shaytan was hating them and who hates these people and speaks against them are friends of shaytan, nobody else.

Billions of mu’mins and Muslims are coming through Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) until now, maybe more than billions, they came and passed away. The old ones loving them and they were showing people the right way. For this, shaytan was hating them and his followers also hating. Allah loves them, Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) also loves them. They are loved by Allah and by Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). And they are not saying anything for themselves (nothing matters to them) and they are not afraid from anything and they are not sorry for anything, for themselves.

They are only afraid from Allah, and if Allah is with them, they are happy and not sorry or anxious to be hungry or ill or anything else for themselves, no. They don’t care about themselves. Only they care for ummah, Prophet’s (saws) nation, to not let them to go the wrong way, behind shaytan and his followers. This makes them sad. Other things, no, nothing for themselves.

So they are not like what they, these mushriks say, no! Because they are not even wanting anything for themselves. Only for dua, they are making dua for Muslimeen, nation of Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). And how these people these days making bad advising and cheating people. “Who cheats us they are not from us,” said Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). So these people, they are cheating people and you cannot take advise from books or from these people who don’t have roots. Only they come like mushroom and they will go again.

So be very careful, these days this poison is around the world. Shaytan and his followers are trying to destroy the right way of Islam. Alhamdulillah, Allah is with us. We are not afraid because He Is Malik al-Mulk! He is the Owner of this whole universe. Nothing can be done without Him. Alhamdulillah, we are happy we are with Him, not against Him, not with shaytan. And we are advising our people who are away from this road to come to find a real murshid / guide, to keep away from shaytan and his followers and to save themselves for Akhira, for eternal life.

This life it is either, whatever happens it will be only short period and after, the real life, is forever. We will be insha’Allah, happy. Insha’Allah with Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), with Awliya’Allah, with beloved people for Allah in Jannah and with others insha’Allah.

Wa min Allahi t-Tawfiq Al Fatiha.

Six Powers of the Khwajagan Masters

Khwajagan Masters

Khwaja Muhammad Nazim (qs) says,

“Only he who abandons the covetousness of this life and the next will be given pleasure that no one can imagine. A murid becomes eligible for these powers when he becomes free of his ego’s tyranny. When they are granted, he is a free man, forever free from the limitations of time and space. Time and space are illusions which now bind us. When we are free they are at our command.

The Power of Attraction

The Power of Attraction is the power which enabled the saintly advisor of King Soloman to bring the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Jerusalem from Yeman in the same time it takes for an eye to blink, or less (Holy Quran, Chapter 34). This is the power that enables one to draw anything to himself. Inanimate objects are the easiest, people the most difficult.

The Power of Emanation

The Power of Emanation or Outpouring is the Power to be the means for the transfer of the experience of the Divine Presence to the murid. It is all embracing light that overflows the brim which these Divine favors the brim of the vessel. The Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) is the vessel in which these Divine favors are poured and, as they are without end, they flow from his heart, to the hearts of Saints and from theirs to those of murids.

The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection is the power to connect at all times to this chain of transmission of Divine power and favors. For Saints it is the intimate knowledge of the Prophet’s realities and those of the chain of Shaykhs leading to him. For those who are yet aspiring to that station it is the daily invocation of the names of those Grandshayks leading up to the Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). In our time, the time when the advent of Imam al Mahdi is anticipated, many more people will have access to this power than ever before.

The Power of Alignment

The Power of Alignment enables the Shaykh to turn his heart towards the hearts of his murids at any given time, and to turn their hearts towards their destinations. If he can’t do this then it is meaningless to say that he is a Shaykh. The first step is in his turning the heart of the murid towards his own; after this it will be possible to turn it onwards.

The Power of Guidance

The Power of Guidance is the power to lead one on his way to his destination once he has been turned toward the direction through the Power of Alignment. For example, if you arrive at Heathrow Airport it is not enough, you must be lead or given directions to arrive at your specific destination in London. Therefore, being turned in the direction is only the first step, the door of the maze; you must be helped on through it.

The Power of ‘Folding-Space’

The Power of ‘Folding-Space’ is the power to travel at will anywhere in the Universe without actually traveling the distance, but rather by “rolling it up” like a parchment. Such a thing is unattainable except for those who have subdued the physical body absolutely. Presently our souls are encased in our physical bodies. The secret of this power is that, by bringing the physical body under control it becomes encased in the spiritual body, and the movement of the spiritual body is not cumbersome like that of this body. What is the speed of a donkey compared to the speed of Light? The speed of light is like a donkey compared to the speed of the spiritual body.

(Mercy Oceans’ Lovestream: Shaykh Nazim Al-Qubrusi)

Who is The Expert?

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

O madad, Ya Sultanu l-Anbiya. Now we are coming to speak something in’sha Allah, to Salafi ulamas. What is mission of ulama? Their mission must be to follow the Seal of Prophets’ way. They must try to follow right path that the Seal of Prophets (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) showing us. To go on it. What was the Seal of Prophets’ teaching method? Holy Quran saying, asta’idh biLlah,

inna arsalnaka shahidan wa mubashshiran wa nazira

We have sent you as witness and bringer of good tidings and warner (33:45).

It is like sun in skies. So clear. This is an endless ocean, but, it is only to show majesty and might and most glory belongs to the Creator. But they are speaking only these 3, 4 words? No. That is according our understanding level.

wada’iyan ila Allahi bi-idhnihi wasirajan munira

And one who invites to Allah , by His permission, and an illuminating lamp (33:46).

Subhan Allahi l-Alliyi l-Azim, Allahu Akbar. Eh, that holy verse showing to all mankind real mission as well as real being of the Seal of Prophets (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). You must use your minds. Christian brothers, Jewish brothers, you must use your mentality and your wisdom. You know that you are Book-given people. Old Testament for the Children of Isra’il, New Testament through Jesus Christ, for the Children of Isra’il also. Saying, Allah Almighty speaking to Sayyidina Musa, peace be upon him, making clear the prophecy and messenger-hood of Moses to Children of Isra’il.

Then time going on. Today is not a copy from yesterday, as well tomorrow, not going to be a photocopy from today. Everyday there are new appearances for everything. You also, you are not same one as yesterday. And tomorrow you are not going to be as you are now, here, to be tomorrow, same, no. Allahu Akbar, Azamatu liLlah. All religions based on tazimu l-haqq, glorifying the Creator. Therefore everyday there is another appearance and through that appearance coming another glorifying for the Lord of Creation. You must understand.

O Salafi ulamas, open your ears to hear and to understand. The conditions from the time of Moses just changed to the time of Jesus Christ. And, the time of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam everything just changed. Understanding now we are living in a time that steps of people not going endlessly because you know, O Salafi ulamas, hilal, crescent of Ramadan, first night is a very thin crescent. And then, second night is going to be more. Third, fourth, until 15th of Ramadan or 15th of any other month you are looking that it is a full moon with a perfect appearance.

From Adam alaihi salam who was declaring to people. Five pages or one page was enough for his sons. Then when he is passing, coming on behalf of him, his son Seth alaihi salam. And that Nur, heavenly light growing and granted to Seth alaihi salam. More than ten pages coming for people living on Earth. Then coming others, coming, coming, and people getting more and more and more. They are in need. They were needy for a full moon and through every prophet heavenly lights going to be granted to people a little bit more, a little bit more, more, more and reaching to Moses. In his time there is a crescent, perhaps it was half crescent. It was enough.

Then Allah Almighty sending Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ coming with another heavenly light and he was trying to spread that Nur through living people with miracles. And his miracles were so powerful. For what? Because he was mubashshir (bearer of good tidings). He was giving good tidings for the coming of the Seal of Prophets (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Therefore he was granted such strong miracles. For a person with a perfect understanding it is impossible to refuse because he was giving good tidings for the last one, for a best one, for the perfect one.

And Children of Isra’il they can’t carry this. They can’t carry, even the bearer of good tidings, mubashshir. ‘Ey,’ saying, ‘we are not accepting you’. And they did what is the worst, they tried to take away mubashshir, who is giving good tidings of full moon. They tried to take him away. We are not saying to kill, asking to take him away. May take him through his physical being but they can’t touch his real being. Good-tiding-giver for the last one. That is the reason that the Children of Isra’il were asking Moses to be the last one for everyone. Even not for everyone, to be only for the Children of Isra’il.

And the Lord of Heavens asking to grant from His divine, heavenly grants to all nations. Why you are trying to prevent it? Can’t be. And they did their worst for Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ also, Allah Almighty taking him up. Disappeared. But, amusing themselves, they are bringing cross, putting one person on it, and saying ‘we killed him, now just finished’. Astaghfirullah. It is a scenario. No nation may make a scenario like Children of Isra’il. Up to today, first class.

Sayyidina Moses, peace be upon him, very angry with them, so angry. ‘Don’t put anything of your understandings through Revelation. That coming to me from heavens. Why you are doing that? I am leaving you and going away!’ Taking them to Sahara desert. Because Moses, peace be upon him, his teachings were not enough (for) coming generations. When coming the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, coming as a full moon. And full moon is perfect form. You can’t imagine after a full moon another perfect form.

Therefore now, if all nations may continue to eternity that full moon is enough for everyone. No need to look this, to look that. Our listeners use your mentality a little bit. You must know that everyone asking to learn something. And you must ask as Allah Almighty saying:

fas-al bihi khabira

Ask then about Him of any acquainted (with such things) (25:59).

O our Salafi ulamas, fas-al bihi khabira, ayatu l-karima or kalam un-nas? Holy verse or not? As you claim we are Salafi ulamas, give to me, ishrah-li, give more than explanation, give a commentary about that, fas-al bihi khabira. To whom Allah Almighty addressing? Say, you are ulamas, fas-al bihi khabira. These words are like oceans. That everyone must ask. For what they must ask? For whom they must ask? For which purpose they must ask? These are important three words. One holy verse, say? I am knowing nothing but you are claiming you are Salafi ulamas, say? Fas-al, to whom addressing Allah Almighty? To whom? Say? To Rasulullah? Rasulullah, Allah Almighty,

allama l-Quran

Taught the Quran (55:2)

allamahu l-bayan

Taught him eloquence (55:4).

He is Rasul thaqalayn (of the two weighty things), the Seal of Prophets. That address, addressing whom? Say? Fas-al, this address, addressing whom? Say? You are saying we are ulamas, I am asking. Fas-al, to whom addressing Holy Quran? Say? Doctors of Sharia, say? Ulamas of Azhar, fas-al, to whom? Allah Almighty is sending that holy verse fas-al bihi, that ‘bihi’ is another ocean. Subhanallah, Subhanallah. The question you must ask for everything that you need, is to someone who knows beginning and ending. Khabir. Khabir can’t be naqis (deficient). Khabir must be kamil, perfect. Fas-al bihi khabira, have you found him?

O Salafi ulamas, do you think that you looked for someone who is ‘khabir’? Expert? Have you found an expert? And you asked about this holy verse? For everything, fas-al bihi. What does it mean ‘bihi’? You may ask because everything in existence, it is clear. If you are looking and finding key, you may enter and you may know. But important, to find who is carrying that key. Khabir, that is that one, who carrying key for opening to you khaza’in, hidden treasures.

And say that ‘we know nothing’. And I am a humble servant advising you to find a ‘khabir’, expert. And ask, first ask for me. I am nothing. Ask for me also first, then, if you like, accept, or you may refuse. It is not important. Ask first that person. ‘Everyday saying so many things, mostly we are not understanding’. Ey, if you are not understanding, must be someone that can understand You must ask. I am saying to Salafi ulamas. Fas-al, ask for me, for those people who have a power for understanding and showing to you the personalities of people.

May Allah forgive us, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. Huuu.. Fatiha.

 Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (qs)

(Sohbat excerpt, July 7, 2010)

Why Angels Bow To Adam (as)

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi (Qs), Sohbat – 20th February 2010.


Dastur Ya Sayidi, madad Ya Sayidi La Ilaha illa Allah La Ilaha illa Allah La Ilaha illa Allah Sayidina Nabiyuna Mawlana Muhammadun Rasulullah alayhi alfu alfu salat, alfu alfu salam zidhu Ya Rabbi izzan wa Sharafa, wa Ridwanan wa Sultanan Madad, Ya Sultan al Awliya Assalamu alaykum, Ibadallah, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Dastur Ya Rijal Allah madad, Ya Sahib al Zaman, Ya Sahib al Waqt, Sayidina al Mahdi (as). Allahumma zidhu izzan wa sharafa wa karrimhu Ya Rabb

You know our situation O our Lord, we ask Your forgiveness forgive us and we are looking for Your blessings. And we are saying, Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim O Listeners, give whole care for something that you can’t easily find through east and west. And this is a new foundation that opened for servants of Lord, to protect them and to put them in safe way here and Hereafter. Therefore, say: Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, our sword. One heavenly sword may do more than all swords through the hands of people. One, enough. Heavenly sword. Billions of people are carrying swords, in front of That One’s sword, all of them should fall down from the hands of people. Heavenly subjects, most important subjects for people. If you can reach all treasures on this world instead of one sword’s power, it is zero. Zero can’t give to people anything. Therefore the Lord of Heavens, ordered Sayidina Adam, peace be upon him. “Ahbitu”… Yes?
“Qulna Ahbitu Minha Jami’an” (2:38)

Because shaytan just, does for you, his worst. And he declared war against you, Adam and Eve (as) and against all your generation. I am throwing that one on Earth and also I am ordering you. That is very strange… very strange meaning or understanding from Holy Quran. Why had Adam been sent to be on Earth? Because shaytan did his worst for that one whom Allah Almighty created to be Khalif on Earth. And shaytan was his most dangerous enemy. First, the Lord of Heavens sending, shaytan thrown away from Paradise to Earth. Allah Almighty ordering a fight between Adam (as) and shaytan. But that heaven was not land of war, or, war field, there. There was thrown first, Iblis, shaytan, to fall down, and when he fell down 99 times (rolling) on Earth. Because he had been sent with heavenly anger. “Down! Go from here!” O our… what? …Salafi ulamas, what is your understanding (about) that cursed shaytan, who had been thrown down, to be on Earth? because shaytan was declaring war against Adam. Shaytan looking to make Adam not to be in Paradise. In Paradise it was impossible to touch Adam and his generation. But just he went in, with a trick, making and… First of all, he was kicked down. And then the Lord of Heavens ordering Adam (as), “You and your wife go after shaytan, he tried to do his worst to you and your generation. And I am the Lord of Heavens, I am the Lord of All Creation, I know what is going to be! And what I said
“Wa Kalimatu Allahi Hiya Al-Ulya” (9:40)

O Salafi ulamas “while it was the Word of Allah that became the uppermost”(9:40) –

what does it mean? Say?! As you are claiming, ‘We are knowing from real knowledge’. I am asking, I am nothing! But you are claiming that you are something. I am asking. What does it mean? “Wa Kalimatu Allahi Hiya Al-Ulya” (9:40)

What Allah Almighty said and His Command, must be highest. Not anyone is going to be after that, Allah Almighty’s words. He said, “All Creation, bow to Adam”. Yes, O Salafi ulamas, Yes, O Salafi ulamas, Allah almighty… He was not looking, not seeing, not hearing? Not willing, not asking? He was absent when He ordered all angels to make sajdah? He was looking like this or seeing? He ordered “Bow to Adam, make sajdah to Adam”. Why saying? Why saying? Because He was granting from His Divinely attribute to Sayidina Adam (as), and saying, “What I am saying, My Word is highest. No one’s words are going to be over My Holy Words. I said, I ordered all… to angels to make sajdah, to bow to Adam (as) and I am looking. For what Allah Almighty was ordering angels to bow to Adam? Adam… Listen here, and then think on it, Salafi ulamas.

You know that when all angels had just been ordered to make sajdah, must be some wisdoms, some secrets there. Allah Almighty never ordering angels to make sajdah to Adam’s physical body, yes? What do you think? Hmm? haykal Adam… Allah Almighty ordering angels to make sajdah? Do you think so? You are wrong! No… And if that secret not going to be clear for Adam He would not order angels to make sajdah. Because, when He ordered angels, the Lord of Heavens and the Creator of Sayidina Muhammad (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) just was dressing on Adam, ‘Nur Muhammadi’. Lights of Sayidina Rasulullah (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). Sayidina Muhammad, peace be upon him, from Eternal up to Eternal. First they are looking, ‘haykal’ -statue, ‘haykal’ of Adam, statue, they are looking like this. Then coming Heavenly Order from heavens saying: Usjudu Adam! When He ordered the angels, He dressed from His Divine lights on Sayidina Muhammad (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), zidhu ya Rabbi, nuran wa surura. And, angels were’nt able to stand up, ‘kharru sujjada’ -all of them bowing. Is it true, Salafi ulamas? What you are saying? Angels just bowing to material being of Adam? Or something else? Material being, no value. But when He ordered angels for bowing, just dressed him from His Divinely Lights. And that Divinely Nur, Divinely Light appearing on Sayidina Muhammad (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), Just appeared, ‘Haqiqat al Muhammadiyah’. Real Being of Sayidina Muhammad, Salallahu alayhi wa sallam. And angels, ‘bila taraddud’, without hesistating… Not only angels, but all heavenly beings and heavens falling to sajdah, because,

Fa Lamma Tajalla Rabbuhu… Falamma Tajalla Rabbuhu Li Jabali “Ja`alahu Dakkan Wa Kharra Musá Sa`iqan” (7:143) You must understand. I am a weak servant. I am not claiming ‘knowing this, knowing that’, but you are claiming you are Salafi ulamas. Say! When Allah Almighty just giving from His Divinely Lights, one ray, hmm? Wa Lakini Anzur Ila Jabali, Allah Almighty saying for Moses (pbuh) that, he is from 5 big ones, ‘Ulul Azim’. Ulul Azim ones. He was asking, ‘I like to see You’. “You can’t carry this, you can’t carry but look, at that huge mountain, what is going to be”. And, not any one understanding the time (in which), that huge mountain reached, to dust only. And Sayididna Musa (as) falling down. That is something else, the Day of ‘Ahd al Mithaq’, the Day of Oaths.

When Adam was created and Allah Almighty was asking to declare to all angels because, they were objecting when Allah Almighty informing that I am making My Khalif, My Deputy. They were saying, their understanding was not reaching for what Lord of Heavens was asking for a new creation. And ordering ourselves to accept that one, because he should be through whole creation. All Creation going to be for him. And all Creation must know about him. And all Creation must know that he had been granted to be Deputy through heavens. But no deputy for Allah Almighty through Divinely levels. That is “Kuntu kanzan makhfiyan”. The levels of Divinely Presence that’s impossible, that is, “Kuntu kanzan makhfiyan”. Wa la Yazal, He was saying, “I am a secret treasure”. Unknown, and I ask My Divinely Will, giving a way for a creation, that people must know, that are asking for Me, ‘Who is Allah?’ For showing them something on their understanding level. I said, only I am ‘Kuntu kanzan makhfiyyan’. I was a secret secret treasure, ‘wa la Yazal’.

And Allah Almighty continuously He is a hidden treasure, a secret treasure. No one can be able to know, only what He is giving, you may know, but about His Divinely Being, no one knowing. Therefore, the levels of heavens, they are levels for Creation. Allah Almighty asking to show people, because they are asking, ‘Who is our Lord?’ “Ya Musa, can we look at Him? Can we see Him?” And Sayidina Musa (as) also was asking, ‘O my Lord, You are speaking to me, I like to look at You’. And the Lord of Heavens saying, ‘You can’t. You can’t but I am going to be, My Divinely …Divinely Will, going to be an appearance on that huge mountain’. Huge mountain, what does it mean? It was… Yes, Salafi ulamas, -al jabal, the mountain. That mountain means, so many meanings, but, ila al jabal’, that everything in existence, if you are putting together, may be that huge mountain, huge heap. And sending, through a time that no one can be able to catch that time scale. And, Huuu… Going down, and Sayidina Musa (as) also falling down to sajdah, and saying, ‘O my Lord, I am asking forgiveness that I asked (for) something that is not for me. Then coming, O Salafi ulamas, the day of… that Allah Almighty ordering angels, ‘Make sajdah, bow to Adam’. And with his simple material being, it is not suitable to be bowed (to). No! Never! When he ordered angels, just putting on Adam from His Heavenly Appearance, may be less, less, billions, or trillions, or quadrillion times small, coming over Adam. Huuu… Then angels, Huuu… running to sajdah, bowing to Adam.

What about shaytan? Shaytan was looking at material being of Adam and was saying, ‘You created Adam from mud, and You created me from fire. His level, first level, or lowest level, for understanding himself. And Sayidina Rasulullah (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), was asking his fire to be changed to lights. Then a lightening coming on Sayidina Muhammad (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), Angels have been created from lightenings of heavens, they are quickly running to sajdah. Therefore, don’t think that prostration going to be done to creation, no. But when Allah Almighty dressing that one from His Heavenly Dress and appearing from Divinely levels, or heavenly levels, lightening. That is making people… That makes all angels to bow to Adam. This is very important, very very fine and endless understanding for it. All Creation may understand something, by reaching to that point, ‘Why Allah Almighty ordering angels to bow to Adam’. Not to Adam. When He dressed from His Heavenly Dress angels, and when appeared heavenly lights, that belong to Divinely Lights, angels were’nt able to stand up and falling down in sajdah. Sajdah to lights, except Iblis, because he was created from fire, he couldn’t distinguish what he had been created, and what secret for the Creation of the Seal of Prophets (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), Habibullah, most glorified one.

Therefore, we are coming on an important point, that Salafi ulamas may understand, if they are throwing away from their hearts, (SN: hardness) …and also envy and anger and and jealousy. shaytan’s heart was full with those bad attributes, that making him to look and to see that is Adam, You created him now and you are saying for all of us to make sajdah, to bow to him, and he was saying, I was just feeling that all heavenly levels is ‘Ubudiyyah’, -worshipping, and I was liking to be, instead of Adam, for myself to be on that point. He was looking to Adam. Not looking at his distinction, (what was the) differentiation between himself and Adam. Therefore saying, ‘You created Adam from earth and me from fire’. And he was saying, ‘I am best or more special creature, to be for that divine, divine honour. I was thinking it was for me and You are giving it to Adam. I am not accepting. He was looking what thing appeared through Adam, he wasn’t seeing this. Therefore, when the appearance just appeared on Adam, making all of Creation to fall down in sajdah, divinely lights, but that one who was looking, at Adam’s appearance and creation, was standing like a statue, not falling down for sajdah.

When this happened, Iblis shaytan, diabolo, saying, ‘I am declaring war against Adam and his generation’. And then, Allah Almighty ordering “Get out, Get out”. And he was out from Paradise, Adam was in with Eve. And Allah Alighty just saying to them, “That is My grant to you, O Adam, that you should be here. Everything for you, except one point that I don’t like, don’t come near to that tree”. And that tree was something else, perhaps they may grant to me, to speak on the secret of that tree for another association. May Allah forgive us. Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Aziz Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Sultan Allah dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum, Fatiha