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THE GOLDEN CHAIN by Shaykh Adnan Kabbani

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

The Golden Chain


Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, 15th October, 2014.

This is our line, which we are following. Anyone is free to follow any line he wants. We are not forcing. Allah saying “La ikraha fi d-deen”, (2:256) no force in Islam. Telling this Beloved RasulAllah “Don’t force anyone. Only show them, anyone. And everyone has a free will. Anyone wants to follow, most welcome. Anyone doesn’t want to follow, also. I will question him in the Day of Judgment, leave them”. And for this, we say:

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Ya Sayyid as-Sadat wa Nur al-Mawjudat. ya man huwa malja’u wal masahu daimun wa ghamun wa alam ya aqraba al wasa’ili Allahu subhanahu wa Ta’ala wa ya aqwa al mustanad natawasalu ila janabika adham bi hadhihi sadat wahliLlah w-ahli baytika l-kiram li daf’i daimin la yudfa’u illa biwasitatik la yud’fa’u illa bi dalalatik li Sayyidi wa Mawlay Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulallah sallAllahu alayhi was sallam ya rahmatan lil ‘alamin An-Nabi (sallAllahu alayhi was sallam), as-Siddiq, Salman Qasim, Jafar, Tayfur, Abu Hasan, Abu Ali, Yusuf, Abul Abbas, Abdul Khaliq, Arif, Mahmoud, Ali, Muhammad Baba s-Samasi, Sayyid Amir Kulal, Khwaja Muhammad Bahauddin Naqshband, Muhammad Uwaysi al-Bukhari, Alauddin, Yaqub, Ubaydullah, Muhammad Zahid, Darwish Muhammad, Khwaja al-Amkanaki, Muhammad al-Baqi, Ahmad al-Faruqi, Muhammad Masum, Sayfuddin, Muhammad, HabibAllah, Sheikh Abdullah, Sheikh Khalid, Sheikh Ismail, Khas Muhammad, Sheikh Muhammad Efendi al-Yaraghi, Sayyid Jamaluddin, al-Ghumuqi al-Husayni, Abu Ahmad as-Sughuri, Abu Muhammad al-Madani, Shaykh Sharafuddin Daghestani Sayyidina tabibi qulubina wa hayati wujudina wa hayati ruhina khatam-ul Awliya Mawlana Sheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani., Sayyidina Mawlana wa tabibi qulubina wa hayati wujudina wa hayati ruhina Sultan-ul Awliya Habibina Sheikhina Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani Habibina Mawlana Sheikhina Sheikh Muhammad Adil, the son of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.

Now the Golden chain is like this. He is the successor of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim. And we all renew our bayah with him. Because we want this line to continue with Mawlana Sheikh Nazim as Grandsheikh. So we continue with him. We don’t say no. The one will say no, he is like… When Allah Almighty ordering the malaika/angels make sujud to Adam alaihi salam, the first who used his mind was satan. And even he was in the highest maqam as Azazil and most of malaika, but Allah Almighty, when he said “I’ll not make sujud”, he was democratic – “You cannot order me like this. And for this, I will not do sujud. I will not accept”. If you don’t accept, curse on you, go ahead. You are the loser. “Keep me till the Day of Judgment”. “You have what you ask”. And like the one who doesn’t want to accept the will of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, he is loser. He is going to be at last not under the blessing of all the Golden Chain and RasulAllah (sallAllahu alayhi was sallam) and Allah Almighty.

Always Mawlana Sheikh Nazim teaching “Don’t use your mind. Don’t use your…” Your mind – always full of your heart. Because the heart, Allah make it to be Godly station for everyone. And Allah Almighty make the heart to obtain and to contain all kind of jewels of the Divine oceans of realities and secrets, and Divine ocean of eternal knowledge. And the one who can dive, he can get corals and pearls, emeralds. All kinds of jewels he can get. And for this, always keep the faith, iman, the belief in your heart. And don’t take it up to your mind. Because the mind, Allah created it for this physical body to own his manly body to be disciplined to have his food, to work in this life, but not for things related with heavens, with Godly teaching, with RasulAllah (sallAllahu alayhi was sallam), with AwliyaUllah. You cannot use your mind, then you must use your heart.



An Interview –
Saltanat TV Broadcast – Saturday 18th October 2014, Lefke – Cyprus

10:00 pm – An Interview

In an interview with a journalist from a Cypriot newspaper Sheikh Bahauddin talks about his memories of his father and about his father’s mission and achievements. He also emphasizes Mawlana’s deep connection to Cyprus and Cypriots and the intention of his successor Sheikh Mehmet to honor this and keep the derga in Lefke as the headquarters of the tariqa.


Allah Likes The Truthful

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (qs), sohbat, 29th of September, 2014.

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, as-salatu wa s-salamu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Sayyidi lawwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Mashayikhana, madad ya Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, Dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah.

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. “Mina l-Mu’uminina Rijalun Sadaqu Ma ‘Ahadu Allaha ‘Alayhi Faminhum Man Qada Nahbahu Wa Minhum Man Yantaziru Wa Ma Baddalu Tabdila” (33:23). This holy verse is describing mu’min/believers. They are the ones who are “men”. Who is a “man”? He is trustworthy. He is truthful. If he gives a promise, he does not go back on his word. To whom did they promise? To Allah. They did not change. They don’t run away from their word. Men don’t change their word. They did not change. And like this they are waiting for Allah’s order. Some of them passed away, some of them are waiting, but there is no change. This is the attribute Allah loves. That is why they are called “man”. Who is not like that is not a man.

The characteristic that Allah does not like, that awliya/saints and prophets do not have, is lying. Allah never likes lying. A mu’min/believer cannot be a liar, does not say lies. There is a Hadith Sharif that if a person always says truth, and never lies, that person will be written as sadiq/trustworthy in Allah’s Divine Presence. If another person does the opposite, always lying, always lying, then what happens in the end? He will be written as “liar” in Allah’s Divine Presence. Lying is not a good characteristic, not an acceptable characteristic. And people don’t like liars also. A believer never says lies but a person whose faith is not complete, will lie of course.

To lie is not good of course. Only in a few situations there is permission to lie and that is during war. If you are fighting with enemy, you can’t say where you are. You must trick them. That is something else. Also if two people are not talking to each other, you will say, “he loves you”, although it is not true. Even if he doesn’t like him, that is okay. That lying is acceptable. But if you use religion to lie, and say – I am this, I am that, that is very dangerous. You might win in this worthless dunya, but in akhira you will go to hell. Because Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said – my whole nation will go to paradise.

The nations of other Prophets, some will go heaven, some hell. Who is the nation of our Prophet? The ones who accept our Prophet. Those who say, “I am not from his nation”, then they will not be counted as his nation. Then they are either from the nation of Isa or Musa and Allah knows what will happen to them. If you don’t accept, you can do as you like. But if the nation of our Prophet do sins, they will go to hell and be cleaned then go to paradise. But to keep yourself from sins is better than to burn thousands of years in hell just because of this short dunya. Make some effort in this short dunya so you will be accepted in Allah’s Divine Presence. And you will be beloved in dunya also. Otherwise, you will not be liked by anyone. You will be cheating everyone. That is why lying is not liked by anyone.

Because our Prophet was called – Amin/honest, Sadiq/trustworthy. Our Prophet never had that bad characteristic. Everyone accepts this. Since he was young, he was called – Muhammad al-Amin. And we are the nation of our Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam). That means we must follow him. We must not do the things he dislikes. We must try to have the attributes that he likes and accepts. We must be like that. These attributes are loved by everyone. Whether you accept or not, these characteristics are loved. Our Prophet shows the right way. Be true and don’t lie.

We read this ayah/verse – Minal Mu’minina Rijalun Sadaqu Ma Ahadu Allaha Alayhi Faminhum Man Qada Nahbahu Wa MinhumMan Yantaziru Wama Baddalu Tabdila (33:23) Allah praises these men who are sadaqu…truthful. Truthful and they are behind what they promised. And some of them passed away and some of them still waiting, never changing, never turning back. This is the attribute of ‘man’. To say ‘man’, it is highest station for human being. Rijalullah – the men of Allah. These men, they are not afraid from anything. Not afraid from anyone. This is what Allah’s Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam loves. They are not lying. What they say is truth. Because the truth is attribute of Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. For all prophets, for all awliya Allah/saints.

This attribute, very few people have it. And it is most beautiful attribute. Because you are trusting these people. You give everything, you give your life, you give your treasure, you give everything when you find someone like him, like this people. And they are not changing, not lying. You can never find any awliya or prophet saying any lie. Even if they kill them, they are not changing. Lying is the worst thing in the Divine Presence of Allah. And the Prophet (sws) and even normal people are not liking a liar. Allah ‘aza wa jalla said, there is hadith from Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) – The man… they are not even saying “man” for these people. Some person, if he still continues to say lies and not truth, and it becomes like a habit for him, Allah ‘aza wa jal write him to be a liar – this man is a liar. What was his name, Samir or Sameer, something like this, he was liar Sameer. Something like this, he is continuing to lie. And liars are the ones far from Allah.

And other men, they still continue to say truth and speak right until they write in Divine Presence of Allah – he is truthful, Sadiq. Sadiq is an attribute of Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And before he became a prophet, and from childhood, they are calling him – Muhammad al-Amin, Muhammad as-Sadiq – The truthful, the trustworthy Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And it is nice because you cannot find even one drop or one atom to be… he must be very trustful. And because all this universe Allah created for him and he, no need to say any un-truth. Everything, as-Sadiq al-Amin. We are believing in this. But satan is a liar. He beginning to lie from jannah/paradise until taking Adam and Hawa from jannah with lying. You see how a lie becomes bad. From our father Adam and Hawa/Eve, it took them from jannah. It is not good attribute. You must be careful from this.

But there is some place that you can only do, very few place to help in war, when you are fighting with enemy, you cannot tell them truth that we are here or there. Maybe you can show them you are somewhere but you go away from there because they will kill you. And it will be not benefit for Islam, so you can do, cheating them. And to make between Muslims who are fighting together, if I go to one of them – this man loves you, this person is not bad, you must be together, Also this. But if you do only for your benefit, it is very bad. It is not good because this life very short. Mu’min/believers not lying. But Muslim, when we say Muslim, he can do anything. Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam said – other nations who are not following me, Prophet (sws), some of them in hell, some of them in paradise, but my ummah all in paradise. Who is ummah? Who believe in Prophet (sws). If he not believe, he is free, he can go where he wants, many options. But the best one to be with Prophet (sws) because his whole ummah in jannah, even sinners. But sinners they will be punished hundred years, thousand years, hundred thousand years in hell. After, they come to paradise also.

But other nations, some of them will be in paradise, others will be forever in hell. So the option is open. For this we are saying – the liar, the level of lying, the level of his lying, if it is too much, especially if lying in court. They call it – shahid zoor. Lying in court is the worst one. It’s like drinking alcohol or zina/ adultery, it is from kaba’ir/big sins. So until he finishes his punishment, after that he comes to paradise. But no need to be thousands of years in hell to make a small amount of lying. You must be careful and you must be believer. And you must be first one to be a ‘man’. Man…even ladies they are truthful, they are like man. This is what Allah saying. Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) praising to be a ‘man’.

Wa min Allah it-tawfiq. Fatiha.

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Sheikh Abdullah, The Right Address

In this strong sohbat Sheikh Bahauddin questions the correctness of those who say they are inheritors of Sheikh Abdullah. He reiterates the fact that Sheikh Nazim was Sheikh Abdullah’s only murid and only inheritor and that he in turn named Sheikh Mehmet as his inheritor. (Source:

Sheikh Bahauddin Adil Al-Haqqani, sohbat – 5th October, 2014, Lefke – Cyprus

Sheikh Bahauddin Adil Al-Haqqani

Opera! We are not opera people. But if we want we can do opera. This is important, what you can do. In this life, it is important what you can do. Alhamdulillah Allah Almighty He gives His servants so many options. He can hunt, he can sing, he can laugh, he can cry. He can be sad, he can be angry, he can be calm, he can sleep. And he can dance, he can sing, he can.. He has talents, he can be a poet, he can be wiseman, he can be ignorant man, he can be everything. That means he has full options. Allah Almighty, He gave everything for His servants. No servant can say, “I am not having this, or I am not having that.” They say, the genius brain uses only 4% or 3.5% in general from the whole brain. So what you think the rest is doing? It has been created for nothing? It has been put there for nothing? No, must have a reason. When the servant says “Ya Rabbi, You didn’t make me to do this, this, this.” “My servant, it is in your brain, and it is ready for use, but you didn’t know how to use it.” It is not Allah Almighty’s fault, it is your fault! But Allah Almighty doesn’t give the key, this is something else.

Now, Subhan Allah from where to where Mawlana Shaykh is sending. I am surprised, I am surprised also. We don’t have spiritual contact with the Awliya’, that’s wrong. If you claim that you have spiritual contact with Awliya, this is wrong. Because you have to look for yourself first. Say, do I have this level to be -I’m talking dunya wise- in Minister office to talk to him. I am not saying, Minister of the super power of the world, America. Not the super power of the world, Russia. No. Or not the super power of any China. No! I am saying I want to be with the Minister of small country as Cyprus. Very small, tiny country. If I am very lucky and I am chasing too much I will have an appointment in maybe, somebody like me, it will take him 2 days. Somebody, I’m not saying so high, but below me, will take him 1 week. And it is going like this. Some people will never get it. They will get it when it’s election time because that Minister he needs a vote so he goes for everybody, he can be with everybody.

This is the other face of our realistic world. But for Awliya they don’t need a vote for them. They don’t need to praise them and they don’t need to tell them “you are this, and this Maqam and this.” No they don’t need this. Because Allah Almighty He is the one giving to them. This is the difference between our world and their world. So when I say, I am in the spiritual contact with my Shaykh and I fully recover what I am talking, this should be wrong. We have to understand right and wrong. Because everything has 2 sides, one is wrong and one is right. If you understand wrong, you can continue in wrong way going all the way. Because your understanding already clicked in the wrong side. But if you understand right you click in the right side and you continue in the right side. This is how it works. It is so simple, you don’t have to make this mathematic formula and how to do it and which kind plus, minus, divide this. No need. It is either you click in the wrong or you click in the right. This is how simple it is.

Now, the spiritual things that your Shaykh that you already connecting to him, he keeps sending his spiritual ways, never stop. These spiritual ways is going on, on, on. But you are the one saying “Ya Sayyidi I am ready to take this spiritual way from you.” Why you are believing in mobile phones and not believing in Awliya? No, if you go 50 years back we see the mobile phone in American movies, in the car. I remember this, taking..talking and “wow what a technology” they say. “What a huge thing, like something impossible.” Maybe it was fake in those day, or maybe it was right, I am not sure. But it was the idea to say “look guys we are going there.” And also it is important to understand where you are going, because to know where you are going also is very important.

I am in London. I don’t know where to go, I am in London. So what? But if you say I am in London I am going for this address, you can go. This is the exact thing that we have to take. It is not the things that, to imagine that you are there and then you don’t know the address. Al- Hamdulillah Mawlana Shaykh when he left he said to continue taking my spiritual wave – it will be from Shaykh Mehmet, from Shaykh Muhammad. Nobody else! Nobody else. I can say this very clear, nobody else. Don’t think about it! This is not belonging to you, don’t cry for it, it is not belonging to you. It is for him. Who appoint him? He (Mawlana Shaykh Nazim) appoint him. Did he appoint him personally? Yes he appointed him personally.

Is he the one that needs to approve his appointing? This is another question. Big question. Who I am to ask Mawlana Shaykh “can you approve this one, the one you appointed Ya Sayyidi?” What a bad manner! What bad manners! Cannot be more than this worse manner. Cannot be! It is the worse of the worse. As asking “are you sure you appoint this gentleman, are you sure? And appointing me. Why appoint me? I am better.” Say, “No you are not better, he is better and I appoint him.” You cannot question the order of the Sultan. You cannot tell the Sultan “your Majesty, your decision is wrong.” Never happened in history. Never happened in history to request or to investigate the Sultan’s order. This is the top level. This is everybody is responsible for the top level. If you do a mistake or if you try you are responsible for top level. But the top level he cannot make mistakes in this way. Because he has another top level above him and telling him “O beloved Shaykh Nazim, O Sultan ul Awliya’ we are saying to do this, this, this.”

Mawlana Shaykh with all his majesty, he was sitting and he says “I am waiting order to come to me and then I make it happen.” This is Mawlana Shaykh. If you understand right, you can go in the right direction. But if you go for the wrong, you click there, you think that you are going in the right. It doesn’t matter This is up to you. I like to go in history of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. It is so important point about Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah personality because all of us, we don’t know Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. None of us, and the people they know, they know. Now, who is Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah? It’s a big question. He is Sultan ul Awliya’ and he is number 39 of the golden chain. This is known. And who is number 40 of the golden chain? It is Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim how he take this ocean from the chest of Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah and put it in his chest. This is an ocean.

Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he was personally with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim in Khalwa/seclusion. Nobody else. Nobody, except Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he was making khalwa on his own when he was young through Mawlana S. Sharafuddin and then, he make khalwa with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, only. Nobody else. Nobody was able to stand up (carry) the manifestation that Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he was getting and nobody can be in his presence specially in the seclusion. This must be understood. It is easy to go out and say “I was with Mawlana..” I was with Mawlana S.Abdullah. Maybe I’m better than you when I was with Mawlana S.Abdullah. You never know. Maybe Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he was loving me more than you, because I was pure and you are not. I was innocent, but you were grown up. Maybe you were not innocent as me. This is also a question matter. But, this is not the subject.

The subject is, Mawlana S. Abdullah did he make khalwa with you? Did he put you in seclusion with him, in the same room? Can you say this? No. When Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he was out of operation he make the last seclusion with Mawlana Shaykh in Beirut, in my sister’s room. Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. 24hrs the door was not open. Nobody can go in. What is this? 24hrs the Shaykh with his successor, with his beloved one. This is Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. This is the 3rd seclusion that they’ve been alone, nobody, nobody (else). This is how we have to understand, the right and the wrong.

There is history from Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. He passed away 1973 and until 2014 who was the ruling Shaykh? How many years? 40. 41 year! 41 year. It’s a big space. We are away from Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah, 41 years. I am away from Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah 41 year. I was 10 when he passed away. If, I am saying for the murids. They were not seeing Mawlana S. Abdullah you cannot jump these 41 years and get your benefit from Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. Actually Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he didn’t give you the benefit, he gave it to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. So clearly he gave it to Mawlana S. Nazim. Mawlana S. Nazim is the one. He is the one making everything one. This must be understood. Because if you don’t understand this it is wrong. You are in the wrong way.

You have to understand who is your Shaykh. Your Shaykh is not Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. He is not your Shaykh. He is Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s Shaykh. We don’t have any connection with him. He is, Shaykh of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Because we cannot carry Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. I am not saying, disrespect. No, I’m not saying disrespect. Don’t misunderstand. There is…minimize our size to get our real size. Our mistake is when we put a beard and we wear Naqshbandi, and wear turbans, we think that we are flying. No, we are not flying. You have to step in the ground you have to understand who you are. Because one of the biggest thing that ego love to put the turban and the beard and say “I am now becoming something.” Don’t forget this one.

Don’t think the ego takes you for nightclub or for gambling or for women or doesn’t make you to pray. No, this is.. this is nothing. The ego is playing in bigger place. The ego never plays in small place. Small place is gambling women, nightclubs. All this for ego it is it is nothing. It doesn’t care, ego doesn’t have this calculation at all. This is you have to understand how to treat your ego. When you put your turban, and you make the turban bigger and bigger then you leave your beard bigger, and bigger… then the ego says yes “now you are completed!” Yes. This is reality, this is reality. You have to wake up! This you have to wake up! You cannot carry this heavy burden. It is heavy burden.

Now I am not saying that I will be something. I am not saying I will be big Awliya’ I am talking just I am talking coffee talk. Why you say it’s coffee talk? Yes it is coffee talk, because there is no ibdi’a, there is no claim. There is no claim. If anybody will be happy here. If nobody will be happy also, that’s no… Now we have to know that when Shaykh Sharafuddin (qas) the Shaykh of Grand Shaykh Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. He was saying “Abdullah Effendi you are my murid you are my successor. But the feet that you put in your maqam I cannot see, they’re so high. “So imagine the 38 of the Golden Chain says this to S. Abdullah and we are saying and Mawlana S. Abdullah is our Shaykh. No it is not your Shaykh! You are not having this specific to be his murid. You have to understand this.

Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah he was extremely Jalali. Jalali you know what it means Jalali, extremely disciplined. Nobody can play like we play today. No way! He was not joking, and then he said “Nazim Effendi I am leaving you to be Jamali.” That’s why we are lucky to be with Mawlana S. Nazim because he was all the time showing us the beauty face of tariqa. The beauty face that he tolerated in all the fields. Then we are feeling the beauty of Tariqa. So many people know, all the Tariqas if you go first thing they tell you “you have to be disciplined. You have to be in this shape, you have to be like this, like this.” Except Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. He said “you come in it’s ok. After that we sort the problem. No problem. We can be ok with you, just you come. Enter. I am not asking you to be in this form, or be in this shape or…you come, you come.” He is like the father for everybody saying, “ok my children some of them naughty, some of them good. But it’s ok they are my children. You just come. After that we solve the problem.” This is how Mawlana Shaykh was treating us.

But Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah, no way! No way! I was having small memories with him. One day I was going to my aunt’s house. And my school was morning, my sister’s school was in the afternoon. My mother she said “wait for your sister to finish her school and take her with you.” And I say, Uh! Yeah and I left her and I went to my aunty. The second day when I come back this come to the ear of Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah. I was 8 years old. When it came to the ear of Shaykh Abdullah he said “bring him to me!” Yes! I was going to kiss his hand and I find Shaykh Mustafa, may Allah bless him, running after me. “Grand Shaykh he wants you.” What!! I ran! I ran! And then he know he catch me and he bring me to Grand Shaykh. And Grand Shaykh he was giving me such a hard lesson. I was talking and I was crying all night.

And then I remember I must care about everything. I must be careful about everything. It is not your way to say “I am free. Ok my sister she can be at home I can be alone. No problem.” No, this is how Mawlana Shaykh he was treated every small things and big things. To make you understand. This is how he was, Jalali and sharp. Now, if you tell me somebody did this…”Ok no problem. Maybe next time he will take his sister.” But Mawlana Shaykh would never say like this He make it perfect. So don’t go there. If you go there you will burn. Don’t go there be in the mercy side, my advice – to be with Mawlana S. Nazim, not to be with Mawlana S. Abdullah. I am not advising. Personally I would never go. Because when I was 8 years old I take it! I take it and I am still remembering. Now I am over 50 and I am still remembering and will never forget. Until I die I will never forget this.

It is Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah it is not for us, it is for Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. And this must be known. Today we are talking history just to lighten our future. This I am saying for all the murids that they think they are clever. And they think they can do something and they play with words and make it word magician. And make it “O Yes! Maybe it is like this.” It is not philosophy. It is not philosophy, this is Tariqa. And Tariqa has rules and regulations. You go for banking saying “I want to put this money.” Saying, “no this money you have to prove from where it’s coming, this money has to be tax paid.” And the bank, even you bring big money, it will be bigger problem for you. You have to explain from where you get this money. You have to explain why we believe in banking systems and we are escape from it. And we don’t believe in Naqshibandi system and we are feeling very free from it. And the banking system if this happens, this, this.

But that one is for your eternal life and you are playing with your eternal life, this is my warning for me personally and then I am warning everybody that they think they are clever, they think they are genius. And they think they are on right and they think whatever they do, it is right! And they think whatever it is coming to them and if somebody tell them some advice that it is right because it is for their benefit. Mawlana Shaykh never think about his benefit. If Mawlana Shaykh think about his benefit, today he must have left billions. And Mawlana Shaykh he didn’t leave any one single cent or one single penny, or one single dollar or one single euro. Alhamdulillah he said “I am free. What Allah Almighty He give me, I distribute. What Allah Almighty He was giving to me, I give.”

Alhamdulillah we are happy to say this one and we are proud of Mawlana Shaykh by doing this. We are not asking his inheritance. We are not asking his wealth. We are asking only his blessings. And we are asking to be in his Ikhlas. And to be under his feet. Very important. To be under your Shaykh feet it is very very important. This must be clear and understandable because otherwise our loss will be very big. I keep warning, and I will keep warning until the things will be fixed. If not fixed, I will keep warning. I don’t care my duty is warning. Mawlana Shaykh if he put me here to speak I am speaking as a warner. I am nothing. If you like to listen, it’s ok. If you don’t like to listen also is ok. But my duty is to warn.

You know the traffic light it is having red orange and green. It is time, 4’o clock after midnight. Nobody in the streets, but this light will have the system…. Never fed up. I am like this light never be fed up! I will keep warning…if there are some people to listen, yes. If there are some people that are not listening, also yes. I’m doing my traffic light duty and wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha.

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Hajj-ul Akbar

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (qs), sohbat – 3rd October, 2014.


As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r- Rahmani r-Rahim. As salatu wa s-salamu ‘ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati Ashabi RasulAllah, madad ya Mashaykhina, madad ya Sheikh Abdullah Faizi Daghestani madad ya Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur. Tariqatuna s- sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah.

Today is a holy day. Friday is a holiday. It is a holiday given to our Prophet and his ummah. Friday today is Arafa day as well. Tomorrow will be Hajj-ul Akbar, and it is waqfa (Arafa). At this time, all pilgrims become Hajjis, they are standing for waqfa. It means they became hajji on Arafat. Our Prophet calls it “al- hajju arafa” (The Hajj is Arafa). Even if someone’s there for stealing, he stands on Arafa and becomes a hajji. It is such a holy place there. May Allah accept their prayers. InshaAllah we’ll have their good prayers too, for all the nation of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Their prayers are accepted.

These are the beautiful gifts of Allah. People don’t know the value. Shaitan is making them fight with each other by leaving the orders of Allah, the words of Allah and the beautiful things Allah gave them. Don’t pay attention to what they say – he said this, he said that, he said this about you.” Shukr to Allah, we don’t want to hear any news like this. We don’t want any news of what’s going around or of the world. Shukr to Allah, we don’t follow news either and we are relaxed. If you follow the news, most people have become neurotic because of it. Half of the nation takes medicine. Half the people are walking about crazy. Why do you care about what’s happened somewhere else? Will something happen to you if you think about it? No, it won’t. Mind your own business. Correct yourself.

There are many things one should do for one’s akhira. And life is very short. Even if it’s 100 years, it still is short. It is short compared to eternity. Only by doing good deeds, will you be satisfied in this world too. You’ll be satisfied in this world before akhira. As long as you carry out the orders of Allah, you’ll be satisfied. Don’t say “They said this, they said that. Why did he look at me like that? Why did he treat me this badly?” Everything is from Allah. This world is a world of tests. Now you’re talking about this, and we are all people; they say “insan/people” is derived from “nisyan”, meaning ‘to forget’. Mankind forgets. Forgetting is good from one side and bad from another side. The good side is that a person forgets pain quickly. If this doesn’t happen, a man would perish completely. Four months ago when we lost our Sheikh Efendi, our pain then and now; that pain is gone. However, what you shouldn’t forget – Don’t forget the orders of Allah. Don’t forget to carry them out. When you forget them, it is bad.

Allah has put benefit in everything. There is a useful side and a bad side. He put man on trial – he can choose either the good or the bad side. “Faman sha’ falyu’min waman sha’ falyakfur”(18:29) “Who wants, let him believe; who wants, let him disbelieve.” A man knows for himself. Allah has shown it. Allah doesn’t oppress anyone. He could make a person believe. Because it is what Allah said. Allah is the Creator, He knows the best. So He gave the choice to man in order not to oppress, and that is known to Himself. Forget trying to know His knowledge, a man can’t reach even an atom of an atom of an atom of His knowledge. People now think they have reached the highest point in science and knowledge. You are nothing. Nothing. You are not even zero. That’s why, Allah doesn’t oppress you – You can believe, if you want. You can do good, if you want. You can do bad as well. Your ego prevents you, shaitan prevents you. Shaitans around you stop you.

That’s why, don’t sell your akhira for this world. These people are not worthy. Let it be a million people, you won’t find a real man among them. History repeats itself. It’s been the same since Adam alaihi salam until now. Those who follow dunya, follow it for gain, of course. What gain do they have? Saving their life, this is a big gain according to them. They’ll leave you in a moment and won’t look back. But those who love you for Allah, they will sacrifice their lives but won’t leave you. And that’s the alternative. Don’t assume that if you do what people like, they will protect you. Don’t think they will go against Allah to protect you. Even if they protect you, it is because of some gain. They don’t do anything without gain. But who is for Allah, he will give his everything and won’t fear. That’s why – Be on the way of Allah, be on the way of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), be on the way of saints. Follow the one you were ordered to follow. Know whom to follow. This is important.

Don’t measure by yourself. We are people who rely on Allah. We will continue on this way of Sheikh Efendi inshaAllah. We have no claim. The only claim of ours is inshaAllah to carry out His order, to keep on this way. Who wishes can continue, who doesn’t wish is free. No forcing anyone, everyone knows for himself. If they find a better door, they can go. Most people now do what this person or that person is saying. We do what Allah says, we do what the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said. We don’t do anything for ego. We can’t send someone away because he loves someone else. This door is open to everyone. Welcome to anyone who comes. Farewell to anyone who leaves.

Many kinds of people are coming. We do it for Allah so we have no complaints. All types of people are coming and they are saying all kinds of things. One day three people said – “If you’re not doing like this, leave the sheikhhood”. If we were under your command, we’d leave it. We will leave sheikhhood only when we lie down by the feet of Sheikh Efendi. Otherwise not. If you don’t like it, there are many sheikhs who call themself sheikh. Grandsheikh called them mutamashaikh. There are many who claim to be shaikhs. Who wishes can go. We are like this.

As our Prophet said, “I was born from a mother just like you and I am from you and don’t have any claims to know the unseen or that I can do this or that.” We follow the orders of Sheikh Efendi. InshaAllah if we made mistakes in what we did, then you can tell us. Otherwise, we don’t have anything to be upset with. As long as we speak truth, it’s all right. Of course, there are people coming and going. And we can’t repeat what everybody says. It will become gossip. We just keep it to ourselves. Our ego deserves even more. We should hit our ego on the head again and again. Therefore, this comes as a test to us from Mashaikh. Being hit, it will accomplish something inshaAllah.

May Allah not separate us from the right way. Our belief and faith in our Sheikh is strong. With Allah’s permission, this way is the right way, and will go on till the end of times. They say the candle of a liar burns until nighttime. That’s why, we have no fear. Anyone can say whatever they want. And from now on, I don’t want anyone to open this matter. We don’t have any give-and-take with anyone anyhow. We are clean. A villain is the one who fears. We don’t have any villainy. We stand behind our words. It can’t go crooked, the path of Islam is straight. As it is illustrated by our Prophet, it is tariqul mustaqeem. Our Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa sallam) says “Don’t separate from the right way”. May Allah keep us on the right way.

Alhamdulillah, today is very holy day. Especially Friday, it is a feast for Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa sallam), for his ummah. Allah give him the best day, Friday, in a week. Every Friday, it is feast, Eid. And today it is more very holy because it is Arafat day. When Arafa on Juma day, it is Eid-ul Hajj-ul Akbar. Hajj-ul Akbar meaning, it is equal to 70 hajjs. If you go to 70 years for hajj, in one Hajj-ul Akbar, it is like this. It is gift from Allah for hajji, for people to make them happy. Every 7 years or some years become Hajj-ul Akbar.

So they are now this time, I think exact like this time it must be, they are making, praying dhur – asr together making jamaa-l taqdeem. For Hanafi madhhab, only once they can do – in hajj. No other times. But we are 4 haqq madhhabs. They can make jamaa. But when you are in safar/traveling when you are in visiting more than 3 days, for other madhhabs you cannot do this. But many people, they are doing. So it is very important. But for Hanafi, they are making dhur and asr before in dhur time, for maghrib after maghrib; not praying maghrib in time. They’re praying after, later with isha. Maghrib-isha in Muzdalifah. So alhamdulillah now this time they’re praying I think dhur-asr, and they are making du’a, waqfa.

Allah inshaAllah accept what they’re making, their du’a for khair inshaAllah, for all people. Allah accept their hajj and give them baraka also inshaAllah. Alhamdulillah every time more people, they like to go but it is not possible. Because a place, little place. Only maybe for 5 million – 6 million people all that they go there. But if they leave it maybe it must be every time nearly 15 million, 20 million. So it is… Nobody can make it but Allah, His guests. He can able to do everything. But people, of course, their belief, it is not so strong. So alhamdulillah also these people also going. It is wisdom because when Ibrahim, alaihi salam, and his son Ismail, they built Ka’ba, Allah tell Ibrahim, alaihi salam, to make adhan and to call people. And he said “Nobody here”. “Just you call adhan and make… call people.” When he make, he heard many voices “Labbaik, labbaik Allahumma labbaik.” It was the souls of mumins, who they are, Allah give them chance to go to be hajji. Everyone who will go there, he’ll say “Labbaik”. But if somebody, they couldn’t say “Labbaik”, so they couldn’t go (hajj). But Allah make something to prevent them to come – visa or other, to be ill, you don’t have money, something like this. And it is only for who has money able to go there. It is fard, obligatory for them. For others not obligatory.

Alhamdulillah, Allah make this good, nice thing for people, for benefit of people. Allah created people and give them to be, to know what is good, what is bad. Allah’s not oppressor for to make people, they said “You make us to not go, or You make us to be believer, You make us to pray”. Allah didn’t prevent anybody from praying, from doing good things. And He put something; either you can do good, or you can do bad. How it is? This is from Allah’s knowledge. “Allah knowledge. How it is?” we can say. No. It is billion times impossible to know even one atom from Allah knowledge. Allah not giving any His knowledge, very very few. And it is like this, now people, they thought “We are the most knowledgeable people. We know everything.” You don’t know anything. You don’t know anything. And you become make philosophy to say “I am knowing, and why Allah doing this? Why He doing that?” What you will if He, Allah make you to not breathe, to not drink? You can’t do anything. You cannot do anything.

You cannot judge for Allah. Allah, He knows what He does and He’s not oppressor. He said in Qur’an “wa ma Rabbuka bi zallamil lil-abid” (41:46) So it is for yourself; you can do good, you can do bad. And you will be responsible for this. And you will be punished, and you will be rewarded for this. Allah, He is saying only truth. Wa-l Haqq. If we say another thing, all Qur’an saying this. How we can say another different from this? You cannot say.

Don’t be lazy. Your life, it is short. So don’t be wasted to do bad things, to follow bad people, to waste your time in nothing, nonsense thing. You must be careful. Everything Allah, He wants to reward you. Every step you do, you can do good things. Even your life, if you live 100 years, it is not enough to finish what Allah give you to make for yourself. You can do everything for good. Don’t be lazy. You must help people and especially your around to know the truth. But it is also, you can reward for this. But you cannot force them. Because Allah, He said “Faman shaa falyu’min faman shaa falyakfur”(18:29) Who wants to be believer, he can be. And who wants to be non-believer, also. You cannot force them. fa’innaka la tahdi man ahbabta (28:56) You also, you cannot guide for good thing who you love. Maybe you love somebody, you want him to be in right way. No, you cannot do. He’s free. He can do what he wants.

Alhamdulillah, we are following Mawlana’s order. This is the important thing. And he is giving order, and many people, they’re making panic. They said “These people, they’re doing this. That people doing that.” I told them: don’t tell me about what they are doing, what they want to do.” We are not afraid. We don’t care what for people, only what we want – Allah Azza wa Jalla. Who wants to go with another people, they can go. You are free. But what we’re doing here, we’re following Mawlana’s order. He ordered us to be here and to be his successor. And we are only doing this. I don’t want this. I never asked for this. I never asked for paper. Never asked for anything. And it is not easy. I’m not happy to be. Only what happy, for Allah order we can do.

Many people, they speak many things. But it is, alhamdulillah, we accept everything. Because my ego, it deserves worse than this. In one day three people, they were saying from different places; from different places they were saying “Leave this. If you don’t do this, you leave this mashaikha, to be a sheikh.” I said “It is not easy for you.” You or all whole world, they said “You leave this.” We cannot leave, only what we can leave, when I sleep under his feet inshaAllah in maqam there. Only that time we can leave mashaikha. Because it is not for order of people to leave it or do what people, they like. What we’re doing, only what Allah Azza wa Jalla write, and what Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa sallam) and what Mawlana, he was doing. We try to do. Maybe people, because they are seeing quiet man here, they can force him to do what they want him to do. No, it is not. You cannot do this.

Why you cannot do this? Because it is important thing, and behind us – Mawlana. When he put somebody in his place, he will look. It is not our responsibility. People who like to be here, they can be here. If people, they not like to be and they are not feeling anything, there is many people claiming to be sheikh. Mawlana Sheikh Abdullah, he was every time saying “mutamasheikh”. Mutamasheikh – claiming to be sheikh. And who is not listening to Mawlana’ order, they are mutamasheikh. For this, they can do anything, everything. Even all people not coming here, it still, nothing it will be. And I am not feeling sad, not feeling bad. Because Allah Azza wa Jalla, He said “If whole world, they’ll be against Allah, nothing happens for them. Everything can, people be good, also nothing happen for Allah.”

So inshaAllah, we are trying to be satisfied. And what Allah gives, we are happy. And we are happy also with people who are coming. Welcome, they are welcome. Because they are obeying Mawlana order. And I not speak too much, and I don’t like demagogue. Mawlana every time, he was saying for demagogue. What’s the meaning you know? Demagogy. This is making philosophy to cheat people. And he was saying one story. Every time he was worried, nothing well, he’s telling this story. There was in old time village. It was so far, and people in village, they are not coming to city or coming to… Only they were living whole life in village and dying. They are satisfied in village and happy. Nowadays, they destroy the village. They make every people to come to cities. And it is making people corruption, making very bad things. These people, they were in nature. Once a man, he is a crook, coming to them and he don’t have anything to do. He saw one mosque but no imam. He said “I am imam”. And he was making imam for them many years.

After they sent for this village real imam from Asitane. He come, look. He said “What is this? He don’t know anything.” He said “You don’t know anything”. And he tell people “You don’t know anything from Islam, to make praying, people”. He said “No, you don’t know anything. I know. We can make test. And these people, they’ll be jury.” So he said ok. They said “Ok, you write in this blackboard, Baqara, cow.” He was, this imam, he was good writing, very nice writing, calligraphy making ‘Baqara’. Very nice. He said “Maybe this, you will make it very bad writing, so I will be inshaAllah, quickly, I’ll be winner.” Other one, he taking a pen and he make it beginning to draw a cow. Cow with milk breasts. He said “Which one cow?” They said “This is, of course.” Demagogy’s like this.

So Allah keep our people away from these people. Because they are.. who is really connecting with Mawlana, his heart, he knows the truth. And inshaAllah we are not afraid from anything, from anyone. It is real. It is truth. And who like to come, can. For bayah, many people, they said “You make bayah.” Of course, who are coming here can be. But who are not here, we accept their bayah also from far. Once I said Mawlana I make bayah in telephone. He said “Of course, if somebody make shahada in telephone, and not acceptable, ok?” Also who like to when he come, he can do. If not, he’s far away 1000 of km away, also it’s acceptable. As we said, we accept Mawlana order and it is acceptable for them. Their intention is very important thing.

Allah keep us away from bad people. Because there’s good people, they are cheated by bad people also. We know this very well. Very well. You must be, don’t listen to around you. If you are sheikh, you listen to your heart only.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq, al-Fatiha.

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