The Month of Safar

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), A Classic Sohbat from 1988.


We are in the month of Safar. It is the heaviest month. In this month many troubles come because it’s Safar. In the month of Safar many troubles come. It is said that seven hundred thousand troubles come. May Allah give them to the unbelievers. May He(swt) not give them to us.

Say 3 Shahada and 300 Astagfirullah everyday. Continue with this everyday till the month ends. 3 shahada: Ash’hadu an La ilaha il’Allah,wa sh’hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa Rasuluhu. Say 300 Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah. Everyday give charity. If you can’t find someone to give it to, put it somewhere first thing in the morning. Then when you find, give, because a lot of accidents happen this month. You can stop accidents and troubles only with charity. One charity closes 70 doors of trouble. Therefore how much you can afford or how much you want to give from your heart. Give a charity to counter the day’s trouble. Take care about that.

May Janabul Haqq show us bright days. And may all the world be guided and brought to this brightness. The enemy of Mankind looks like Man but in reality are wild animals. May we be protected from their evil. There is a verse in the holy Quran, Astaizu Billah: “Wa-idha l wuhooshu hushirat” (81:5) As a sign for doomsday “wuhoosh” wild animals, will gather. It is an indication that the brutality of today is from people who look like Man but are really wild animals. The world is full of wolves, full of hyenas, full of jackals, full of foxes, full of bears. There are a lot of bears. Because neither grass nor meat is safe from bears. This animal also eats nuts. Therefore there are so many wild bears now. Halal, they don’t ask for halal or haram. They eat everything. Bear kinds are a lot. Altogether, wolves, hyenas, jackals, and lions are the kind of predators that there are a lot of. Like tigers and then like vipers, like snakes, like centipedes, like scorpions, vermin. The vermin are countless now. The vermin have filled this world.

“Wuhoosh”, “Wa-idha l-wuhooshu hushirat” (81:5) The meaning of this verse was given to my heart yesterday. I keep on reading that the gathering of the wuhoosh, their coming together, coming out, this matter is a sign of doomsday. As they are showing today’s people’s wildness attributes. Everyday buying newspapers to see what kind of murder man is doing; man the oppressor. Is he Man or of the kind I am talking about? Everyday what the newspapers are writing is like a drop in the sea. If they would write everything happening it would be uncountable. There is so much brutality now in this world. Because mercy has left the hearts the people have turned brutal. That’s why now the world is filled up with animal acting, human looking, wild animals of every kind. That’s “Wa-idha l-wuhooshu hushirat” (81:5)

“Wa-idha as-suhufu nushirat” (81:10). Suhuf means In Arabic suhuf means newspaper. There weren’t any newspapers, everybody was reading the Quran. Now whoever opens his eye, before cleaning it, looks at the newspaper. What is happening? Gold. Has the gold rate lowered? Gives his eye light away for it. Newspaper. “Wa-idha s-suhufu nushirat” (81:10) When the newspapers came out, it was also a doomsday sign. The newspapers came out and the Quran is not read anymore. Everybody reads newspapers, magazines; reads novels, comics. So, yes.

You don’t understand what I’m saying, Oooo. If I would say, there would be an earthquake in Europe. In other words whoever lives like Man, how happy his life will be if he takes care about his humanity. They come as Man but most of them leave as animals. That’s it. That came useful. You came as Man, live like Man, leave like Man. That’s to be a man, to be courageous and brave. Allah sent you as a Human; look at My servant how he comes? Does he come as a Man or as an animal?

May Allah forgive us. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. Yes. Believe in Allah, live like Man. Believe in Allah and live clean. Believe in Allah and pass away clean from this world. Believe in Allah and be together with clean ones on Judgment Day. One said this to the Sultan; ‘it is time to be with Allah.’ Yavuz Sultan Selim, may his abode be paradise, answered: With whom did you think we were with until now? With Allah. Whoever is with Allah, his sword will be sharp. That’s why you can’t stand in front of him. Who is not will be despicable.

May Allah give us faith. Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha.


‘Al-Wasilah’ ~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Qs)


Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi, Sohbat of 8th of July, 1988.


…ta’wila al-wasila, an explanation of wasila – mediary. He said this, because he could not comprehend the wisdom of this holy verse, saying, We’ll look after you. A word then came from Allah Almighty: Nobody can reach to this station without a mediary Whoever wishes to regard Us, who wishes to behold Our beauty, he should adopt a mediary to achieve this station. We have made so-and-so to be the qutub as a means to this goal. Meaning, he holds the key, he is the wasila / mediary. We have designated him to help you reach to Us, to bring you to the station where you can behold Us. If you do not find him, you will wait there for all eternity, for that station will not open to you without a mediary.

Yes, the Prophet Musa fell down and rose again. Why did the Prophet Musa go in search of al-Khidr, ‘alayhi s-salam? Was it only for the sake of adornment – To increase his knowledge? What was his intention in seeking to increase his knowledge? He, who was master of a shari’a / law, a prophet of great rank and standing, what could he have hoped to gain from the Prophet Khidr? What was his real purpose in seeking him out? Would he have sought the Prophet Khidr without purpose? The intention of seeking such a person who has been granted ‘ilmu laduni, knowledge directly imparted by Allah, that is actually the truth that was planted in his heart at the time when Allah Almighty spoke to him and said: you will not be able to behold Me, and when he fell down and rose up again. You can never look at Us directly. Without there being a mediary and a means / wasila you cannot ever reach that station. Therefore the Prophet Musa set out so urgently to find the one being in that age who had been granted knowledge from that source, who was prepared to be the guide, the means to this station.

The knowledge of ‘ilmu laduni which he possessed did not accord with the outward shari’a that the Prophet Musa had been given. It agreed with its inner truth, but not with its outward aspect. For there is truth in the shari’a, and of course the ‘ilmu laduni cannot be separated from the truth of the shari’a. So when al-Khidr destroyed the boat, and Musa chided him for that, it was the outward shari’a of Musa that voiced objection. As for the Truth, the inner aspect of the shari’a, when the Prophet al-Khidr, explained why he had done this, the truth of the shari’a approved and said Yes, you are right.

However, in our outward aspect we cannot accept this. But according to our inner truth your action agrees with us; so the outer aspect of the shari’a confirmed the actions of the Prophet al-Khidr, it is all right, it said. For that reason he made him undergo a threefold trial. And he saw that the Prophet Musa was not able to surpass the outward knowledge he had been given. The Prophet al-Khidr offered him three bridges. Three bridges he offered him, so that he might pass into the region of Truth. If you can’t go on this, take that one; if this won’t do, go on that one.

Cross on all three, if you like. This was enough for Musa, ‘alayhi s-salam. That is why the Prophet al-Khidr finally said there is no need for me to remain with you. You will not admit any more crossings than these, so cross over at those three crossings that you have made.

So he [Musa] was given permission. It was for this wasila that the Prophet Musa sought him out. Together with his slave boy, or his friend or his servant…


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‘Taming The Wild’ ~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Qs)

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani al Qubrusi (Qs), A Classic Sohbat from May 27, 2005.


This is an association. An association that is on the way of Prophet, peace be upon him, and the ways of all Prophets. They were teaching common people. Common people are like wild trees and we are in need to change our quality from wildness to reach good manners. So many trees on mountains, we have here olive trees, carob trees, that is the nature of this island. Keeping – those olive trees and carob trees, without anyone planting. From Allah Almighty, He is making a special condition for this island, to grow in it olive trees and carob trees. But when they are growing up they are not in such a good condition for eating and our people are making graft, grafting, and getting small olives, bigger dry olives, becoming full with oil and getting much more tasteful. And you are making ‘graft’. If leaving, it is small and bitter.

And mankind, generally, they are growing as a wild tree and they need to change their qualities from wildness to a good position. Therefore Allah Almighty sending First Man, Adam alaihi salam, peace be upon him, and his wife Hawwa/Eve, alaihimu s-salam. Landing them on this dunya, on earth, and they are bringing their generations. Allah Almighty ordering to Adam peace be upon him, to teach his generation. To change his children to bring them in a good position, to be good servants. Because we have been created for divine service. We are not created for dunya, no. Allah created Man and created Earth and everything on it. Just created for you everything, for the benefit of mankind. But what about mankind?

If you are asking now, people, the majority of them should say, “I don’t know.” Why you are not knowing? Why you are not asking? You know that everything on Earth for you. Trees, animals, seas, oceans, birds, fishes, everything. It is for you. If not for you, for whom created? No one saying, “I know it”. Yes, they are not knowing but they can learn! They can ask: for what we have been created? If you are saying, “We don’t know, only we are working and we are planting, and we are making so many things for ourselves. We are asking through this life, which is a short life, to reach much more pleasure, a much more tasteful life. We like to eat and drink for enjoying ourselves. It is our knowledge, we are saying this, that we are only living for eating and drinking and for sexual purposes.” I am saying, ok we know this but if you are not thinking that beyond this there is any mission, your level going to be like animals.

Animals also are thinking nothing, only, they are looking at what they are eating, what they are drinking and for their generation. What is the difference between you and animals? If I am saying to you, “O Donkey,” you are not going to be happy. If I am saying to you, “O Fox,” I don’t think that you are going to be happy. If I’m saying to you, “O Ox,” I don’t think you are going to be happy. But you are making your level on their level but when I am accusing you and saying, “O Dog,” “O Fox,” why you are getting angry? You are saying, “O, I am honourable one, I am not a fox, or dog, or a donkey”. But what you are doing is same as what animals are doing. You are not going beyond eating and drinking and sexual pleasure. Beyond this, you are not thinking. How are you getting angry if I am saying, “O Dog, O Ox, O Fox, O Wolf.” Why you are getting angry?

Who is refusing this, really our souls, because you are not created only for eating and drinking and for sexual purposes. No! But, we have been created for something else. What we are running after is only for our physical being, for our material, we are running 24 hours. We are running to reach much more money, to make your life much more tasteful. You are thinking only of your physical being. Nothing else! You are not asking to move heavens. And your soul asking to reach heavens. But whole life we are doing something, what animals are doing. And finally, of what we are taking care, our physical beings, what is going to become of it?

It is going to be in a coffin. And closed, and putting nails on it. “Oh!” I’m asking, “Oh, my Lord’s servant, why are you imprisoned through this coffin?” He says, “I’m not imprisoning myself but my people imprisoning me through this coffin.” Yeah? What more do you want? “I was (niyyah/intending) I was thinking or I was asking to continue up to eternity, to taste, to make my physical being happy and its pleasure as you are looking something happened to me and I am in a coffin. Yesterday or last year I was walking, now my legs can’t carry me. One year ago I was catching but now my hands never catching anything. One year ago I was looking but now my eyes never looking and seeing.”

What happened to you? You wasted all your life for that physical being, your material and now you are imprisoned. Yet, now you are in coffin, now they are taking you to cemetery yard. They are making for you a private hole. Now they are carrying you to that hole. Either taking you out of your coffin or through your coffin they should bury you. Now, nothing with you now, you are outside, but, it should be such pleasure for you where you are – family, children and your people bring you and putting in it and putting on you earth and making it firm, not to come out.

If you are asking to come perhaps, you may imagine, what do you think, O my Lord’s servant, if when they are burying you through your grave and if you are getting out at nighttime, midnight, with your wife’s clothes and coming and making door? Knocking door and they are saying, “Who is there? Who is there?” “I am here.” “Who are you?” “Your father.” “Our father? Today you were buried.” “No I am just coming once again to life.” I think they should go also, their heart stopping, falling down, if they are looking that dead father coming down and saying, “Open your (…) open your door.” “Aah, aah, you, go away.” When they are burying you, they never accepting to come to them once again. Perhaps bringing a rifle, saying “We must shoot him. Perhaps he is not dying but making us to die, before making us die, we must shoot him once again to give guarantee that he died. Bring that rifle! Who is that one?” “I’m your father.” (…).

They are taking him to, once again. Not taking, they are running away from house, saying, “We must go away, we must look in another city because he left his hole, may come next night also to us, what will we do?” Your beloved ones, after burying, if they are coming to you, no one accepting. O People, eeyy, we are wasting our lives for that physical, for that skeleton. First night may come with their wife’s clothes but after one year if coming in his skeleton how we shall (…) Whole city could maybe run away. Run away, if skeleton coming. Going after them, running, whole city running away. No one waiting to shoot him. “Ooo shoot.” 100 shots. Never getting back. “Ohh, fire.” Taking you out of your city.

This is our body’s final point. To be a skeleton. Then after a while your skeleton also going to be dust. Why not thinking beyond this, O People? Why you are wasting your whole life for that skeleton? Blame to mankind now, they are living through 21st Century and they are not thinking about such things. O People, don’t waste your life, don’t lose your opportunity that you may reach through this life the high life of heavens. Why you are not taking care for your souls? This is a humble place. Humble place and a handful people coming here but all mankind on Earth, they’re never taking any care or any interest for such meetings, to understand something about themselves.

All of them escaping as they escaped from prophets. Escaping from saints, escaping from awliya. And now, billions of people under earth, they are in punishment, they are in difficult positions. They are asking to come once again to do what Allah Almighty ordered them but they lost their chance. No more opportunity. Therefore we are doing here only half-an-hour, half-an-hour or one hour, weekly, to speak to people to make them to awaken. Wake up. To wake up and look out for your soul. Your souls asking something but you are imprisoning your souls and making your physical being free for tasting everything from material life. And no chance for a person to reach more than 80, 90 or 100 years. They must come down, they must die, their soul must leave them and they are going up.

May Allah forgive me and send us someone who may lead or who may guide us to Allah, our Creator and His divine invitation and to give much more time for divine service, which is most honoured service for mankind. You can’t find any job or any work or any business giving you much more honour, more than working for Allah. Who is working for Allah, Allah giving him high honour. Who is leaving Allah and His divine service and working for this dirty life their honour taken away. Look their faces now. Common peoples faces, no lights, finish. Only youngsters, for youth, appearances for a very short time you may see them that their faces open and bright. But after a short while you should find their faces coming down and darkness coming on them and going to be an ugly, very ugly appearance on them.

They are saying, Prophet’s knowledge that if a person doing night prayers while people sleeping, daytime their faces lighting up and familiar, and beautiful, and handsome. If you sleeping, daytime they never granted a lightness through their faces and their physical being getting weaker, weaker and going to (…) day by day, coming down, coming down, and darkness coming on them, and ugliness coming on them also.

Therefore you are looking now that Europeans, they prepared for old people, houses, old people centres. That people sending their mums and dads to that place. They never able to carry their ugliness and the darkness on their faces. “Therefore we are saying, we can’t carry such ugly people with us. We must send them to another place and people may look after them.” But before, people were keeping their old mums and dads because they have been dressed through night, a face, making light their faces and familiarity coming on them. And we were keeping our old mums and grandmothers, grandfathers because they are so attractive, there was attraction in them and we never sending them to old people’s centres. No we are with them, looking to them and we are so happy. Now people looking at their mums, “Oh, so ugly, so dirty. Take them away there for them to be looked after.”

Therefore O People, give much more time for your Lord’s service. Don’t forget your servanthood. All crises follow because people forget their servanthood. And they are working for shaytan and shaytan’s groups. And they are dressing them in darkness and troubles. Those who are working for Allah, dressing them honour dressing and giving them handsome and beautiful, bright faces. And familiarity – if they don’t see them they aren’t able to be patient, they are asking, “Where are our mums, grandmums, grandfathers?” Keep your Lord’s servanthood. If you like to be happy here and hereafter. If not you should be punished.

No taste for their lives, here and hereafter. May Allah send us from His good servants to change our life, what is from shaytanic ways to divine service. Then He is going to be happy with us, if Lord not going to be happy with us, taking away our happiness with Him and with everything. For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam.

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