Respect For The Prophet ﷺ

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Mawlana Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (QS), sohbat of the 3rd of January, 2015.


As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r- Rahmani r-Rahim. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati Ashabi RasulAllah, madad ya Masha’ikhina, madad ya Mawlana Sh Abdullah Faiz Dagestani, Madad ya Sh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur.

“Our Tariqa is the core of Sharia.”

Our Tariqa is with association and Goodness is in the gathering. Our tariqa complies with the Sharia known to Ahl as-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa. Because of this, all actions that are done comply with Sunnah, Qur’an and Sharia. There’s no part of it, which opposes Sharia. Our Tariqa is the core of Sharia. Most Tariqas are like this. All of them comply with Sharia but people sometimes misunderstand. If there’s wrong understanding in other Tariqas, it’s not like this in the Naqshbandi Tariqa. It is of benefit to people.

What’s the benefit of tariqa?

Some people ask what’s the benefit of tariqa? Sometimes they ask with bad intentions too. Sometimes they ask to learn the truth. What is tariqa for? Tariqa is to preserve Sharia and religion. Where there is no tariqa, they are doing wrong to religion. How is this wrong being done? They don’t respect, there is no adab. And if there’s no adab, it’s useless. The first thing tariqa teaches is adab. What we mean by adab is first of all adab towards our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), respect and reverence. Allah Azza wa Jalla in many places of Quran Karim reveres our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). He gives the command to revere him. “Revere him, respect him, make salawat to him.” He is the Beloved servant of Allah, that’s why He teaches this.

And people who don’t accept tariqa say completely the opposite. A man goes up on the minbar and says “If you revere the Prophet, you become kafir, you make kufr.” He supposedly understands Qur’an. And people whose native language is not Arabic say “His mother tongue is Arabic, so he understands Qur’an and is saying this. We should do it then”. Who are they? Common people, people who don’t know tariqa. They believe everyone. But no, everything has its adab and way. If a man says so once, he becomes kafir himself. If he says “Don’t revere our Prophet, respecting him is kufr”, then he makes kufr himself.

After this, his prayers won’t be valid. If you listen to it and pray afterwards, you should pray again. But if they say so and you pray without knowing, that’s different. But when you hear in a khutba a man offending our Prophet, praying behind him won’t be valid. Your prayer will be immoral and false. You will have to repeat your prayer.

“Tariqas reach to our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).”

In order not to listen to such people, there is tariqa. Tariqas reach to our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Masha’ikh came one after another, and our Prophet is the head. The head of tariqa is our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Everyone should know it. Tariqa is not without a head. All tariqas reach to our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). The Naqshbandi tariqa comes straight from our Prophet through Hz. Abu Bakr. Other 40 tariqas reach our Prophet through the way of Hz. Ali. Who reaches him respects him. Beside respect, there is the blessing of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), which is most important. We have his blessing. He helps people who come to that way. Their faith becomes stronger, their service becomes better. They are the ones in servanthood.

Otherwise, the enemies of Islam try hard to destroy Islam. They broke it into bits. But our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said that there would be 73 groups. He said 72 groups will go to hell. Sahabas were frightened. They asked “How will we understand who is good and who is bad among all of these?” Our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said “Be with the majority.” The majority is on the right way, Shukr to Allah. There were never perverse groups among the majority. They are always in the minority. They were in small parts. And the main part, which remains big no matter how much they divide, kill and chop it up, is the biggest group – Ahl as-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa. And that is the way, which these tariqas follow. Now other ways don’t have tariqa.

Outside our Ahl as-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa there’s nothing like tariqa. They name what they have “madhhabs”. Those madhhabs are not right, only four madhhabs. Four madhhabs go by the way explained by our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). The rest go by their minds. They pretend not too see, or they obey their shaitans and egos, and deny everything else. They give fatwa according to their minds. And Ahl as-Sunnah wa l- Jamaa, people of tariqa, respect our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), respect Ahl al-Bayt and respect all sahabas. These are the 3 important things. Respecting Ahl al-Bayt is also important. Who respects Ahl al-Bayt not only does not go out of madhhab, but also carries out the order of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). The same for those who respect and love sahabas. Our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said “Don’t swear at my sahabas. May those who swear at my sahabas be cursed by Allah.” This came out of the holy mouth of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). It’s not an easy thing. A curse from our Prophet’s mouth is not good for those people. That’s why, this way is the way to be careful.

“All tariqas have kept Islam alive everywhere for the honor of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).”

Everyone should know the truth. And now we explained what tariqa is, what its benefit is. Some insane people have given tariqa a bad image by claiming they are sheikhs of tariqa, but they are fake sheikhs. And the base of tariqa is this. All tariqas have kept Islam alive everywhere for the honor of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). There was communism in Russia for 70-80 years. Communism finished, Muslims came out from everywhere. All of them are people of tariqa. They still stood with tariqa. Slaves were taken to the south of Africa. People of tariqa built mosques and made jamaats there. They led people to become Muslim. Wherever tariqa reaches, it revives and gives beauty. And wherever the other people go, they make fitna and corruption. They are confusing people and misleading some of them from the right way. Because, as we said, they have the big trump card that they understand the language of Qur’an. But really they don’t understand it at all.

Our hojja who can’t speak Arabic explains it 1000 times better than they do. We witnessed this often. We went to Hajj with hojjas. Hojja says he knows Arabic but can’t speak with anyone. And if he makes tafsir of Qur’an, he does it very well. As we said, he does it much better than the other man. The important thing is sincerity. Don’t be deceived by those who try to deceive with language. They can’t improve after this anyway. Wherever they go, they come across disappointment. Whatever they do, they ruin both people and themselves. We can see it everywhere. If they walked on the right path, Allah would help. But when you don’t walk in the right direction and act as you want, Allah won’t help. They ruin themselves and everyone around them.

That’s why, the more you keep those people away, the better it is. No need even to talk to them, no need to approach them. Pay attention to this. Keep it as an advice. We are talking here and we don’t expect any reward. Our reward is from Allah. Our payment is from Allah. Whoever comes to the right way, Allah writes the same reward for us as well. It’s for Allah. We don’t expect any financial reward but rather the spiritual gifts of Allah.

May Allah not separate us from the right way. May our gatherings be lasting and increase. May guidance come to this country, to Turkey, to all the Islamic world, and to the neighboring countries. If they correct themselves, Allah will help them too. He will save them from this bad condition. They (the misguided) came out like mushrooms everywhere. It is shaitan’s work, nothing else. May Allah protect us from their harm.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. Al Fatiha.


The Miracles of Mawlid

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (Qs),
Sohbat of the 2nd of January 2015, Lefke – Cyprus

Mawlid Miracles

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r- Rahmani r-Rahim. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati Ashabi Rasulillah, madad ya Mesha’ikhina, Madad Ya Sheikh Abdullah Daghistani, Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, Dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah.

  • “There is no limit or bounds to the miracles of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).”

Today, praise to Allah, 2 holy days have occurred together. It is Friday, Friday is a holy celebration day for Muslims, and it’s the birth day of the Prophet, the greatest celebration day. This is our Eid. Those who know its value, they will benefit. They will receive spiritual fa’iz, baraka/blessings, and nur/light. Because our Prophet is not in need of us. Even though, he constantly prayed – “Ummati, ummati, O my nation. O Allah, don’t let my nation stray from the right way, don’t throw them in hell fire.” It was like that from the moment he was born – that was a miracle.

There is no limit or bounds to the miracles of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Since he is a Prophet, he should perform miracles. Prophets have miracles. A miracle is different from karamat/supernatural wonders. Awliya perform karamat but Prophets always have miracles. Many miracles happened on the birth day of our Prophet. A part of Kisra’s(Persian king) palace was destroyed. The fire that they worshiped for 1,000 years was extinguished. That fire had never been turned off before. There were many miracles like that on the day our Prophet was born.

People in the past knew different types of knowledge than the people of today. Don’t think that people in the past were living without knowing anything. They were smarter than you and me. They knew. That’s why they were following and keeping track. They understood from the stars and the sun. There were astronomers who studied what events will happen, occur. By Allah’s wisdom, they were given that ‘ilm/knowledge. Since our Prophet was the greatest and the most valuable, the Jews were looking/waiting (for him). Before our Prophet was born, it was known that a Prophet will come, that Muhammad will come. No one used the name, Ahmad. But several people used the name Muhammad. A Prophet called Muhammad will come. At that time, many people used the name Muhammad, so that the Prophet would be from them.

So it was known, but when our Prophet came, they were stubborn. Most didn’t become Muslim. But after, whether by force or voluntarily, they couldn’t deny it any more, and when everyone else became Muslim, they also became Muslim. They didn’t accept it because it was new/different. Satan made them to not accept. People nowadays are the same.

2 days ago, there was a great commotion to make preparations everywhere for the new year. They made parties here and there and did this and that. “Let’s have fun.” Why? “Because of the new year.” The new year didn’t give you anything. Who gave you all these favors? Allah gave you these favors. And Allah’s Beloved servant is our Prophet, Hz. Muhammad (SallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). That is why the ayah we read in the khutbah – Laqad kana lakum fi rasuli Llaha uswatun hasanatun (33:21)”Our Prophet is the best example” for people to follow. The kamil/perfect man, the greatest of all mankind. There is nothing in the universe more exalted/sublime than he, our Prophet. You are his nation – Be proud. You can’t be proud of anything else. We can’t be proud of our race, or leaders. There’s only one thing to be proud of. This is a big grant.

To be from the Nation of our Prophet is the greatest grant for us. Shukr to Allah. We must be thankful. Every day there should be 2 raka’at shukr prayer in our tariqa for being in this religion, for being on this way. We are praying 2 rak’at shukr for the saints and the guides and the Sheikhs who are reaching him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). There should be shukr prayer every day. You can pray whenever you can, either morning or evening, Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) is showing us the way to what we should do. He (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) is a good leader, a good teacher. He is a good shepherd. We are proud to be from his herd. Because a good sheperd doesn’t leave his herd to go down a bad path. We are following him. We are declaring that we are from his nation, and we are happy and proud. Those who deny being from his nation, it is their choice. If you don’t acknowledge him, then Allah doesn’t acknowledge you.

Allah protects our Prophet. Allah doesn’t let anyone say anything bad about the one He loves. Those who do say (bad things) will suffer in the hereafter. Both in the hereafter, and in dunya. No baraka in dunya or akhira. Baraka is with our Prophet. If you have any trouble, if you face any problems, mention the name of our Prophet, recite salawat. That will give you comfort. It is a shifa’/cure for everything. It is strength. Don’t take it for granted. That is why Sulayman Chalabi is saying that this night is like Laylatu l-Qadr. And it is really like that. So we have reached a great, important night. May Allah wake up the believers.

2 nights ago, they celebrated a made-up celebration. I don’t know if it was just me, but we didn’t even notice that the new year came. Allah knows best, but because of our Prophet’s Mawlid, Allah made this new year to pass by unnoticed, because it happened very close (to mawlid). Shukr to Allah, we hope it will be more insignificant every passing year. May Allah guide these people to the right way, so they see haqqiyah/truth. This is real, the other one is false. But they celebrate it every year. If you are 30 years old, that means you have been celebrating for at least 20, 25 years. If you are 50, then you have been celebrating for 40 years. You are getting older. If you reach 90 years old, then there is nothing left to celebrate. But our Prophet’s mawlid – the more you live, the more you celebrate, the more fa’iz and baraka you will receive.

Committing sins is a feature of mankind. Allah says – if these people do not sin, I will create new ones so they will sin and I can forgive them. Let them seek forgiveness so I forgive them. 2 days ago many wrong things were done. Allah has opened the gate of forgiveness so that their wrongdoings do not affect you. That gate is still open. Those people may seek forgiveness and repent. They may plead to Allah that they won’t do something like this again. And they will be saved. But if they insist on doing the same thing again, then it is up to them. It will not harm Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla). Because Allah created everyone Himself. Do as much as you like, go crazy, but it doesn’t matter.

But as we said, Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) has shown us the right way. Follow the Prophet. Do what he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) did. His (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) manners, his habits/temperament, and the things he did, that is the best. “uswatun hasana” – that means the best is with our Prophet. The greatest miracle of our Prophet, after the miracle of the Qur’an, was that he was illiterate. That means our Prophet could not read or write. But our Prophet made such a system that – He taught people from the finest details to the most difficult matters in only 23 years. He taught Muslims – actually he taught all of mankind so that they learn and will become Muslim. Forget about 23 years, but for 1,400 years, scholars are still finding new knowledge from the teachings of our Prophet from those 23 years and it is still not finished.

If he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) could read and write, they might say – he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) read & learned this from somewhere else and that is how he is teaching us. Even if he could read, it would normally be impossible to do it in 23 years. Everything from A to Z, everything from alif to ya, our Prophet taught us. There is nothing that he didn’t show mankind. That is why this is a great miracle. He was an orphan and he was illiterate. When Allah gives, He gives like this (endlessly). Since he is a true Prophet, there are millions of proofs, millions of signs, and most important of all – Allah is witnessing. Allah is his (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) witness. It is said, wa kafa biLlahi shahidan.(48:28) (Allah suffices as a witness) By Allah’s mercy, may He grant us to be worthy of the Prophet’s (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) shafa’a/intercession. We are in need of his (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) intercession on Judgment Day.

  • “These are the salafi and wahhabi people. Even if their name isn’t ‘wahhabi/salafi’, anyone who thinks like this is considered to be from them. Because this way of thinking belongs to them.”

There are 2 groups. One group, as we said, they’re celebrating (new year) – they don’t know about Prophet or religion – but some do know. The second group is a new group. By Allah’s wisdom there are not many of them in our country. But those who are studying in religious schools, I think they are getting proud. More than they are learning knowledge, they are becoming proud. They are not accepting the intercession of our Prophet. They say – we will be accountable for our own selves. They are the type of people who say – there is Allah, so we don’t need the shafa’ah of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

These are the salafi and wahhabi people. Even if their name isn’t ‘wahhabi/salafi’, anyone who thinks like this is considered to be from them. Because this way of thinking belongs to them. Because all Muslims, up until the Ottomans, all accepted shafa’ah/ intercession. They never lost their respect, reverence for the Prophet. But these new people, may Allah grant them good understanding. What can we say. They claim they are not wahhabi or salafi – No, you are both salafi and wahhabi. And another important thing, I will say it here again – There is someone called Sayyid Qutb. He is not a scholar, he is a psychologist. He wrote a Qur’an tafsir, called Fi Dhilali l-Qur’an,(In the Shade of Quran) and all our Islamic Studies teachers consider him with high regard. The content of that book is against the Sunnah and Shari’ah. It is very common but real scholars know what it really is. And people of tariqah know. But those who are not following tariqah guides, like those studying Islamic Studies, do not know. 90 percent of them use this book. They revere him. And he is the chief salafi. Be careful about that.

  • “Do not give value to the new books that were written after the Ottoman period, because very rarely will you find a good, true person.”

You can read the books of Imam Ghazali or Imam Rabbani. Do not give value to the new books that were written after the Ottoman period, because very rarely will you find a good, true person. Most of them are coming as enemies to Islam. They appear to be Muslim, appear to be haqq, but they are satans. Don’t follow them. Like we said, they are known – they don’t have respect or esteem for our Prophet. Allah won’t give them a good reputation. Anyone who follows them is overcome by disasters. They are causing trouble everywhere, they are ruining Islam. And that is what enemies of Islam want. May Allah protect us all and give us correct understanding. And especially those studying Islamic Studies – may Allah not leave them to their egos, because they are in contact with a large population of people. If they ruin the beliefs of people, they will be held accountable. When those people enter the presence of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) – actually they cannot enter his presence. Prophet won’t accept them in his presence. Go with your deeds to the scale, and let’s see if you will be saved or not.

For the sake of this holy day, may Allah give them a correct way of understanding. They should think well, because our Prophet said – 1 hour of thought is better than 100 years worship. They should consider well and then go to address people.

  • “Allah sent him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) as a mercy for all of us, for all of the universe.”

Alhamdulillah, today we reached to feast together, Juma day and the birth of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Sayyidina Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Allah sent him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) as a mercy for all of us, for all of the universe. And the whole universe, Allah created for him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), for his sake. And we are thankful for Allah, to be in his Nation, of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). It is big honor and it is big favor for us. In our tariqah, we must pray every day, 2 rak’at shukr for all these favors that Allah gives us and especially to be in His most Beloved Prophet’s, Sayyidina Muhammad’s (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) Nation.

Alhamdulillah, hundred times, thousand times, million times, we are following him, and we love him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Because he said – “If you love Allah, follow me, and Allah will love you.”(3:31) Allah loves who follows Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), who follows his orders, and (who) accepts Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he is most precious for Allah. We are nothing. Only Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he is everything. And his birth, it was a miracle also. Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and all Prophets have miracles. But Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he has more and more, thousand, more than thousand, or more than thousands. Especially, even when he was born, many things happened. Especially in Iran, this fire they were worshiping – all the Iranian people they were worshiping fire, and it is holy fire for them. For thousand years not turning off. But when Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) born, it was turned off. And some of his palaces breaking. There were many things it was (happening) that night. And especially when he was born, he was speaking – “Ummati, O my nation. (To) Allah, he prayed for (his) nation. He was in sajdah, and making, praying for his ummah, to save them. He’s the most merciful for ummah.

But many people, new type of Muslims, they are not accepting shafa’ah(his intercession) They said – no need (for) this. And especially, these people, they are wahhabi and salafi, they say for themselves. They call themselves salafi, but salaf salih – they are saying, “we are imitating salaf salih.” What meaning salaf salih? After sahaba, those who are following Islam. And they said – these people, they were doing like us. No, they weren’t doing this. They were accepting shafa’a and accepting Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). But there was another kind of people, they are also, they were worshiping more than sahaba, praying, fasting more than sahaba, but they are out of Islam, Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said. Because they were fighting Muslims, making fitna, like these days. Exactly, this is what they’re following, not salaf salih. Salaf salih were respecting and accepting and there were many of awliya’ullah in that time.

And especially, I said for, in Turkey or in our country, there’s not much from this kind of people. But there is a kind, they’re cheating, beginning to cheat who are studying Islamic Studies. And they are looking for a new thing. And maybe 90 percent of these people, they like this man who is called, Sayyid Qutb. Sayyid Qutb, he is the most Wahhabi one. He writes tafsir, Fi Dhilali l-Qur’an, it is against Shari’a even. It is not acceptable for tariqa or for shari’a. But these people, they are following, they are happy to read this. But it is not good. The good thing, you can read Imam Ghazali, or you can read Imam Rabbani. If you are intelligent, or you like to read something, or you’re studying Islamic Studies, you can read this. But not for who is making your belief to make it wrong and teaching people wrong.

Most imams, they are from this school, and when you speak to them, you feel something wrong. And they like to do something good, but they are doing wrong. This is fitna of satan. So we are happy, we must be happy for Mawlid of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). We must celebrate everywhere. Even in all this (entire) month, we must celebrate, we must be happy. To be happy with this, it is worship. Because Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla), He ordered us to praise Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) every time. He not saying this time also (in particular) but when you praise in these occasions, you’ll be more happy. More… Allah gives more power in your iman/faith. To follow and to love Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), this is real iman.

And in the ayah that we read in the khutbah – “laqad kana lakum fi rasuli Llahi uswatun hasana” (33:21) Allah give Prophet every good thing (quality), who must people to follow him. You must follow him, exactly what he’s doing. What he teach you, it is right. Also, biggest miracle from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) – to be not writing (and reading). Not reading or writing. No schools at that time- illiterate. And for 23 years he built the system that it is the most complete, the top, and the most perfect system in the world, since Adam (as) until now. So, until now, scholars and ‘alims, they are still, they couldn’t finish this knowledge from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Still doing, still looking. How in 23 years he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) make everything. (An) illiterate person. It must be a miracle. There’s thousands of miracles, but even (especially) for this miracle, all world must become Muslim and accept Islam. And it is impossible to do this – for one man, only by himself, in the desert. Even he was in desert, because if he was in city, in big cities, they might say that someone helped him. But there was nothing. All around there were enemies for him.

So, it is the biggest miracle. And we are happy to accept him. And we like everyone to accept him. The real celebration is tonight, not what people were celebrating before 2 days. It is nothing, before 2 days – One year coming, one year going, you got anything? You feel more better, you feel more stronger when one year coming and going? No, just, nothing to be happy, but people are following ego and ego taking them wrong. Allah created us and showing us who to follow. “laqad kana lakum fi rasuli Llahi ‘uswatun hasana” (33:21) Allah orders – you must follow Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), everything he do is good. And good for you, here and hereafter. Even in dunya also, you be with the baraka of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Everything you can get from his baraka. All barakah Allah gave him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

(May) Allah make these people, who are not respecting or knowing Prophet, to know him, to respect him, to accept him. We are not jealous – only to make for us – we are happy when people becoming more and more, we are happy more and more. This is teaching of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) – to not have envy, to be happy with new people coming to Islam. Every person, bringing to Islam, to right way, Allah give you also, reward you for him. Alhamdulillah, this is endless generosity from Allah.

Wa min Allah it-Tawfiq, Al-Fatiha.

The Month of The Prophet ﷺ

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (Qs), Sohbat of the 26th of December, 2014, Lefke – Cyprus

Sultan Mehmet qs

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Dastur ya Sadati Ashabi RasulAllah, ya Mashaykhina fi t-tariqati n-Naqshbandiyya. Madad ya Mawlana Sh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani, madad ya Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur.

May the month of Mawlid be blessed inshaAllah. Mawlid, the month of Rabi al-Awwal is the month of our Prophet. It is a holy and blessed month. Why is it holy and blessed? Because it is a month when the most Beloved servant of Allah was born. Like in the hadith sharif of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), which was quoted a while ago in a khutba “You can’t be a real believer unless you love me more than your parents, children and all people.” You can’t have real iman.

  • The difference between Islam and Iman is like between earth and sky, or even more than that.

Iman is different, and Islam is different. Everyone who says shahada becomes Muslim. But iman, to have iman is more virtuous, it is a much higher level. The difference between Islam and iman is like between earth and sky, or even more than that. The rank of iman is that high. That’s why, most people nowadays, you think they are learning. Instead of obtaining knowledge they are becoming more ignorant. Why is it happening? Because the people who teach them have learned from books. We’ll say how come. They call it imitated, artificial. More artificial. They became artificial scholars. They read books, as we said. And mashaAllah, if they sit down, they won’t stop talking for 10 hours. And they talk about everything. But what? It’s useless. Not only useless, but also harmful to people. However, alims who took it from a Sheikh or from a murshid, they train good people. Knowledge should be asked from them.

Asking for knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. That’s why Muslims everywhere are going here and there to get knowledge. They see a hodja, think he’s good and start listening to him. If that hodja has learned from a murshid, if he respects Awliya, then he respects our Prophet too. On the contrary, if he learned from books and is artificial, he’ll say that the Prophet is an ordinary man like us. “He came and left. He had a task to do. Allah sent him, so he came.” They say there is no need to respect him too much. Whereas in Qur’an also, Allah Azza wa Jalla put His order to respect Prophet in many ayats of Qur’an. There are orders like “I respect him, you should respect him too. Make salawat to him”. Whatever the wisdom is, those people who claim to be alim, cannot see it. They try to do something according to their minds.

From this perspective, it is important that there are dergahs, true Masha’ikh, and murshids. They can reach up to our Prophet. Because it happens with permission. Masha’ikh pass permission to each other. And those who come to them for sohbas take their share of virtues. It is a matter of fate. It’s not written for everyone to love our Prophet. Allah Azza wa Jalla said “I created the universe from the light of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Then I put it in the spine of Adam, alaihi salam. And until the birth of our Prophet, I selected from the purest nation.” Moreover, our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said the best nation is the Arabs. Among Arabs – the people of Quraish. Despite that, the Quraish people were those who harmed our Prophet the most. Those who harmed him are mentioned continuously in Qur’an and there are ayats about them.

  • The benefit lies in loving our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

Even when Abu Jahl was dying. Abdullah ibn Mas’ud was young, our Prophet told him to go for jihad. Abu Jahl had beaten Abdullah ibn Masud, he had torn his ear. When he came to cut his (Abu Jahl) head off, he was told “Tell your friend that even in the face of my death there is no one I hate more than him”. Then our Prophet said “My pharaoh is worse than the pharaoh of my brother Musa.” The pharaoh of Musa said “amantu” (I believe) when he was dying. This one knew he was dying, still he sent a message to our Prophet saying he is the man he hates the most. So he was from Quraish. The other one is his uncle Abu Lahab. He was his direct uncle. Because he didn’t love our Prophet, Allah curses him in Qur’an. It will go so until Qiyama. But there is the wisdom of Allah in it. The day our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was born, he (Abu Lahab) had one slave. She came to tell him he had a nephew. He was so happy that he gave the slave money. That was Monday. Every Monday his torture in hell becomes lighter. On that day, water appears on his finger and he drinks it.

What is it signifying? If anyone does even something little for the honor of our Prophet Allah will give more to him. But if someone harms our Prophet, His most beloved, and shows no respect, he will pay for it. You can’t be saved even if you are a close Arab or from Quraish because he is the Beloved servant of Allah. There is punishment for it. That’s why, people who are not Arabs, love Arabs. They love because of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And Arabs are using it. And look at the wisdom of Allah: they are loving Arabs because our Prophet was Arab. But it is Arabs who are spoiling the belief of people saying that our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) is dead and gone. They will be punished. It is useless to try to explain this to people anyway. There is no benefit if you are Arab or non-Arab. The benefit lies in loving our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). You should love him more than your parents, children and everyone.

In our countries, when a baby starts talking, they start asking “Who do you love more?” And they teach him to say he loves Allah first, then our Prophet, then his father, mother or whoever you want. They instill this from their childhood. We haven’t seen this in other places. They start saying “You love this, you love that”. But in fact, you should start putting love of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) in their hearts from infancy. This will save them. The love of our Prophet will save them both here and hereafter by permission of Allah. Who loves our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) here won’t be harmed by anything with Allah’s permission. And their children will be on the right path with Allah’s permission.

  • The night of Mawlid is equal to Laylat-ul Qadr.

Shukr to Allah, we reached the month of Mawlid again. We should respect the month of Mawlid. Sheikh Effendi used to say, the more charity you make and read Mawlid, the better it is. This month should be known. Now they have come up with the 21st of April. They celebrate then too. But Sheikh Effendi didn’t approve it much. He didn’t like it. Nevertheless, they remember the Prophet, so it’s ok. But I see that they give more importance to it than Mawlid. They announce it as the week of the holy birth. It is fine if they do it… But they should celebrate it in this month – it must be in Rabi al-Awwal. As Hz. Sulaiman Chelebi, who wrote the Mawlid Sharif, said, the night of Mawlid is equal to Laylat-ul Qadr. It is almost equal because if there was no Prophet, there wouldn’t be Laylat-ul Qadr. The Qur’an was sent to him later of course. That’s why we have to respect it. Every time you give sadaqa, make Mawlid for our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), or make charity, make intention of Mawlid for the honor of our Prophet. Read a lot of salawat.

On mawlid night, inshaAllah mawlid will be read and prayers made. It is good to make salat al-tasbih. It is good to to stay awake that night. Of course, as much as one can do. Staying awake until a certain time, then having rest with the intention of waking up for tahajjud will be counted as if whole night was spent awake. And this is good news. May Allah let us reach it every year.

Alhamdulillah, we are now in the month of the birth of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Rabi al-Awwal. Rabi al-Awwal – a very holy month. And there is holy night, night of the birth of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). It is equal to Laylat-ul Qadr. Because if no Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), it was no Laylat-ul Qadr. Laylat-ul Qadr coming after him. Because Qur’an in Laylat-ul Qadr given for Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And it is created for Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). To love Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), it is order, it is obligatory for every Muslim. And we read in khutba Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he said – “They cannot be real believer, if you will not love me more than your father and children and all human beings.” Nobody can be, mustn’t be more beloved for you more than Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

  • It is very high rank to be believer.

Why he said, he is saying this? To make you real believer. Real believer… Muslim, it is different. And believer, real believer – different. It is very high rank to be believer. Like a sky for between Muslim and believer. Muslim – everybody say “la ilaha illAllah, Muhammad RasulAllah”, he’s Muslim. What he’s doing, he’s doing or not doing, he is just Muslim. But to be believer, this is what we’re ordered to be, mu’min – “Ya ayyuhal ladhina amanu”, “ya ayyuhal-mu’minun” This most order coming for believers. Who are not respecting Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), they are not believer, only they… Allah, He said for them “You are only Muslim, not believer”. What meaning? It is, you are in danger. Many things can take your belief. You can become out of Islam even.

So the most important thing in Islam is to love Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he is savior for us. He will save us by his shafa’a/intercesssion. Without his shafa’a, it is not easy, not easy to come in this Judgment Day and to wait in this all, 1,000 of years you can wait. It is not a joke. It is, Allah telling this. He is the Creator and He is doing and He is saying to people how to save themselves. In Judgment Day no shadow (shade). Only Allah can make shadow for special people. And who are these special people? Prophet and Awliya and shuhada/martyrs and who are loving Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and doing what he said. They give them secret to be with them. This is really. Here maybe 1 hour under sun, people they are running away. Waiting in the queue half an hour also they will run away. But there is no place to run away from all this bad situation.

Only in this dunya Allah tell you what to do so you are very quick to be in jannah to be and take from hawdh-ul kawthar/ pool of Kawthar. This is water of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). “Inna a’tainaka l-kawthar” (108:1) Allah give this for Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And when people who first Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) (will give) intercession for them, they will drink and quickly go to jannah, to paradise, no waiting. And it is not difficult. You are people, they love… People who are very bad people. Why? Because they are making special things. They are making funny things, maybe they are enjoying their ego but real enjoyment to be with Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), to love him. And it is Allah give in this world before akhira, enjoyment, real enjoyment for your spiritual being. And it is for everybody. Not it is only for Arab, for Turk, for other. No, for who believe in, who believe in Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and love him, he is in satisfaction in dunya before akhira also. Because nothing can save you, even if you are Arab, also not important.

Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was saying when this Abu Jahl, he died in battle of Badr, and Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, he come to him and say to him Prophet sent him to look and to kill. And he find him. He was injured, nearly dying. He said to him “Take this.” Abu Jahl, he was very proud. This proudness, it is very bad. You cannot imagine how it is very bad. For this Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was very humble and he was hating proudness. Even in that situation, he said to Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud “Don’t kill me with your sword. Your sword, it is dirty. Take my sword. It is more strong and cutting quickly. And say to your friend I hate him more than ever now.” This Abu Jahl, he said when even he was dying to Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And when Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud said this to Sayyidina Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) he said “My pharaoh, it is worse than Musa’s pharaoh”. Musa’s pharaoh, when he was dying, he said “I’ve become believer – Amantu”. But this one has become worse.

And they were making harming Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). He said “No Prophet was harmed like me.” And his tribe the best. Allah Azza wa Jalla said “I created Sayyidina Muhammad and give him the best nation and the best tribe and the best things.” But even these people when they are making harming to Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Allah not looking for what they are. Only important thing here… Even his uncle Abu Lahab also. In Qur’an there is surah making bad description for him and for his wife (surah:111) It is not important to be very near for him or to be from his nation. No. Important thing for everybody to be loving him. And even Abu Lahab, when before, when Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) first born, they tell him “Your become (born), your nephew.” He was happy, give this slave woman something to make her happy. Because she… It was Monday. Every Monday in jahannam, in hell, it will punishment stopping and he given water from his finger. This is very small things. Because he was happy, Allah He was giving him. But other side, he was punishing him. Because he was not believing in him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and he was harming all time.

So no need to be look for people and to take people saying “This is alim, this is not.” No. It is… Alim, real alim coming from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), from murshid, from Masha’ikh. This other one artificial. Artificial alim, it is no benefit. It is a losing, making to lose your iman, you lose your faith. But real alim, all coming from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). By one, by one, and it is giving benefit, not giving like other one. So alhamdulillah, the most important thing here to be loving Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And who respecting and loving Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), we respect him. Who are saying he is man like us, we will not respect them. And now it is… In this month, we must make more salawat, we make every time more charity and salah. Night of 12th of Rabi al-Awwal – Mawlid. Even you can do every day Mawlid also. You must think and be happy, because he is our happiness here and hereafter. To be with him, it is the greatest happiness. Allah make this for us and for our children. And when you… In our country, baby beginning to speak, they ask him “Whom you love?” They said mother, father. No they said you must first say Allah, after Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), after father. This is teaching also for small children to put love of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) in their heart, small heart. And he also for you, there will be benefit for you.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.

This Year

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Shaykh Nazim qs

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Excerpts taken from Sohbat of the 1st of January, 2013, Lefke – Cyprus.

  • Recite this & then blow on yourself

As-Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. Insha Allah today the muntaha of unbelief & wildness is reached. You understand what muntaha is? Muntaha, to the end (farthest boundary).

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma`a Ismihi shay’un fi al-ardi wa la fi as-sama’i wa Huwa as-Sami`u al-`Alim. Recite this 3x in the morning & 3x in the evening. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma`a Ismihi shay’un fi al-ardi wa la fi as-sama’i wa Huwa as-Sami`u al-`Alim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma`a Ismihi shay’un fi al-ardi wa la fi as-sama’i wa Huwa as-Sami`u al-`Alim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. In the name of Allah. With His Name nothing whatsoever on earth or heaven can inflict any harm; He is All-Hearing and All-Knowing. Recite this & then blow on yourself.

Have no fear. The muntaha of unbelief & wildness is reached at night, today. And the day of Tuesday is famous among the other days as yawm al-dam/day of blood. You understand what it means, the “dam”? It means the day of wars & battles. Before, the governments would hang those sentenced to death on Tuesday. It is “yawm al-dam”. We seek refuge in Allah. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru.. Say 3x or 7 times, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru.. Recite 3x in the morning & 3x in the evening, blow it on your children also.

  •  A person is on the way of his friend

May Allah make us be with His pure servants. “Al-mar’ ma` man ahabb”. A person is with the one who he/she loves. We should love the clean, righteous servants. We should be together with honorable servants, our salvation is in this. We should love our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) & keep his way, our salvation is in this. We should keep the Holy Orders of Allah Almighty; then our path, our dunya & akhirah is in safety. A person is with the one who he loves. We should love the good ones. Don’t love a bad person even if they give you the whole world! Don’t go with him. This is an important instruction. “Al mar’u ala deeni khalilihi” A person is on the way of his friend.

We should be with clean ones. We should look for firm, trustworthy people. The rotten ones can’t carry us. Being with the rotten ones is the reason for present world’s tragedy. It is possible that Armageddon is because of this- that they inclined to bad people. They walked behind rubbish people. They destroyed the Ottomans. They destroyed Russia. They destroyed India, destroyed Egypt, destroyed Hijaz. They didn’t walk with the true ones & they got destroyed. It will be destroyed this year. There is a new state, a great one (to come). The Republic of Turkey, what they call Turkey, and Iran, Russia also, America also, Egypt also, India & China also, Japan also, all are among the ones that will be destroyed. The United States also is among the ones that will be destroyed.

  • A solid beam holds the building

The true ones…Masha Allah it is like a solid beam, the ridge beam. It stands there for how many years. If it was a reed, it would fall. Look at the solid beam upstairs (holding the roof), MashaAllah. It says “Be solid, firm. Don’t be rotten”. Who are the rotten? They are the ones who feed the fire of shaytan’s way, who walk on shaytan’s way. They can’t carry this world anymore. It has become such that the rotten ones can’t carry the people of this world. They are being destroying, going down like this. This year is their end.

A solid beam holds the building. All of them put reeds instead of solid beams. Can a reed replace the solid beam? The beam is from solid wood, it can hold. But a reed, what can it do? It will collapse. This is the situation of today’s people. One by one the solid people will start to appear now, starting from today. Rabi’ul Awwal is 15 days later. Starting from Prophet’s (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) Mawlid al sharif/blessed birthday the removing of this debris will start. The earth has turned into debris. The removing of this will be started with the Mawlid al-Sharif. Don’t be like debris. Don’t be like reeds. Be like a solid beam! Look at the solid beam, how is it?

H.F. Perfect.

M. This solid beam, this house is 150 years old. If it was from reeds, it would be finished. It would be finished. It could only last 1 year or so. It will start. And also now, starting from today the quakes will start in the world. In one quake the ones which will collapse will collapse. The beginning of the solid buildings are with the Mawlid of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) .

“Dogdu ol Sah-i Risalet basti ars uzre kadem- The Head of the Prophets (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was born & set foot on the Arsh”. Allahu Akbar! “Gelmeseydin aleme sen halk olunmazdi cihan- If you didn’t come to this world, the creation would not have been created”. “Gulgule doldu cihane, geldi ol sah-i rusul- The creation is filled with the chants of joy, the Sultan of the Prophets came” Masha Allah. The power of the glorious Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) will start now! Allah Allah. Subhana Allah Sultan Allah. Shukur Allah.

  • The sultanate of shaytan of reeds is collapsing

The sultanate of shaytan of reeds is collapsing, starting from tonight, today. It will collapse & those who are under it will also collapse. The new ones like a great sycamore tree; from solid, strong beams- those ones will be appear. Be true! Have no fear. You are strong. Don’t lie, don’t make lies. Don’t be a denier. Don’t be a person who has no religion, no faith. You will be wasted. You are like a rotten reed, you will be destroyed. Religion- the Ottomans held Islam upon a strong, solid beam for 700 years. But these ones..Has it been 70 years or 80 years? In 70 years, 80 years they finished everything. The great Ottoman Empire turned into the Republic of Turkey. It can’t hold, it can’t carry.

Although they made their currency paper money, they can’t print more of it. They have the machine in their hands, let them print. But they can’t do. for what can it be redeemed? Gold. Gold is in Islam. The gold is in the pocket of Muslims. Who use paper are the Jews & the “Kafaratu Al-Fajarahu” (80:62)- the unbelievers & wicked evildoers who follow them.

Allah, may You forgive us O Lord. May You give power so that Your Awliya destroy these ones severely. May You dress power & majesty on Your believing servants. O Lord, You are Subhan Sultan. O Princes, O Sultans of this time! Who is Sultan? Those who give their greatest respect to the Holy Quran; who keep the pure Shariat Ahmadiyya. Otherwise they are the servants of shaytan! Who leave, abandon the Book of Allah, who abandon Islam are the slaves, servants of shaytan. But their last chances have started to be cut starting from today. The Divine Support/madad is being taken from them. This news is the good news.

May Allah not separate us from the flag of Islam. Be a man! Alhamdulillah. It will come back, the sign of Ottomans will be like a a red tulip on the heads of the people now. The fez fashion is coming. Have no fear, wear it & go out. Shukur Allah. O Lord, You know. Fatiha.

To the good days. O people of Islam! Listen & take wisdom. If you do you will benefit. O Islamic World! Hear, listen! Listen! If you don’t listen, you will be dishonoured, you will become rubbish. May Allah forgive us, for the honour of His Beloved, Great Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). May the good days open. Fatiha.

O Lord, may we decorate the world with the beauties of Islam. May we decorate the world with the ones who will love You. O Lord, may You send us from Your solid, firm servants. O our Umm Hiram Sultan, may you send us support. May I also get powerful & stand up. I am getting furious, very furious. I want to walk, I desire to stand up & walk. I want to crush the unbelief. O Our Lord, for Baitul Atiq You said “Allahumma zid hazal baita tashreefan wa ta’zeeman, wa takreeman, wa muhabatan, wa birran!” Allahu Akbar! May the riders of Heavens come, may they descend to support the people of Islam! May our Mahdi come now! May our Sultan come now!

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim qs

New Year

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

New Year

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Lefke – Cyprus, Sohbat of the 31st of December, 2012

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, O Abu Wak Wak why are you rushing? “Don’t you know that this evening is a blessed night?” Blessed for what? They say it is a blessed night. People… Everyone will receive what suits them best. Every person will take what is due to them of good or bad. What do you think about this evening when people are going mad? Whether they are Kings, from the highest to the lowest they are going crazy. There is no goodness in this… No goodness.

I am sorry that the Muslims are getting ready to welcome the first evening that is organized by the Europeans. That in this night ends the year 2012 and begins the year 2013. 13 is a disliked number for the people of Haqq. It is an evening that brings bad luck. And people are getting ready to celebrate from East to West of the world, every type of Muslim, and people are going towards, they are getting ready to welcome the organized New Year and it has, it has no foundation. It is false. I am sorry that the Muslims, from their Kings to the lowest type of people, are getting ready to welcome the new year.

They do not say ” ‘Aam, Aam al Jadid.” They say “sana al Jadid.” Sana/year that will have hardness & it will have easiness. The new year in Islam (Hijri) is passed. They never stood up to celebrate the Hijri year, that has a foundation to be celebrated as the new year. But they get ready for this evening that has no foundation, welcoming a new year and I am sorry that who is not speaking Truth is a silent shaytan. I am sorry to say that their kings, their princes, scholars & all people in general are getting ready to celebrate with every forbidden thing. All types of forbidden things. That make shaytan happy & anger Al Rahman. May Allah Protects us.

The Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said “Who follows a people, he is from them.” First of all what will befall them in their graves: when a dead person is in his grave, two angels come to him and question him. They ask “what do you think O man? Were you up on these evenings of New Year?” “What about this were you Muslim, or Christian or Jewish or Majusi?” Did you not hear that the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said “who follows a people he is from them?” And his grave will be blown and it will be filled with fire, with fire. May Allah protect us. O believers I am sorry for you because you are following and you are leaving to be the heads and you became the tails. This is not for the honour of Muslims to follow the non Muslims. For what are you doing this? But now the majority of people are ignorant and they do not have knowledge about these things.

This evening is forbidden for Muslims, for the Princes & the general public, to make this an evening of celebration. It will turn to be an evening of worry and misery for them. NaudhuBillah, O Muslims repent to Allah (swt). Repent to His Prophet (saws) and make your way the way of Islam: The way to peace. I am a weak servant. If people don’t listen they are not aware of the danger. They are entering a tunnel and there is no way for them to turn back. May Allah (swt) protect us, may Allah (swt) protect us.

What will come at the end of time is Armageddon and it will leave maybe half the people on earth. Half will die and half will remain. Repent to your Lord and return to Him and if you gather, then gather to read praising to the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). So this action may be a reason to forgive your sins and next year insha’Allah will not leave a trace of non belief on the face of the earth & the flags of Islam may be raised around the world from East to West. Since the news from Heavens gives these good tidings with this.

And Salam aleikum, O Muslims. Kings & Princes repent to your Lord. And Allah (swt) is witness of what we have spoken, Hasbuna Allah wa Ni’ma Al Wakil Tub aleina Ya Rabbana…. “Appoint for us a King so we may fight in Allah’s way” (2:246) We may fight shaytans from people & jinn. Otherwise may Allah (swt) protect us from what will happen in these days.

Repent to your Lord. These are just few words but people are drunk and they do not cry. Repent instead of getting ready for celebrating. Gather and read Mawlid Al Sharif. it would lift away the weight from you, the hardship of this year. And repent so you never celebrate an evening of this night again. We repent & turn to You O our Lord. And Al Hamdulillah O Lord. Keep us under Your Protection O Allah! Allahumma Tub Alaina, Allahumma Tub Alaina… Fatiha.

This year, this new year When we say ‘Aam Jadid, it will be a year full of joy. While these are the hardest years from the beginning of this world. “If the dust is removed you will see if what is under you is a horse or a donkey.” We see what will be tomorrow. Every person will be compensated either with goodness & joy or with affliction and anger. Do not run after the area of anger. This evening people are running to the area of anger. It has no taste, not for this evening nor this year….

O Lord grant Your Beloved Honour and greatness….. Ya Rabb, Ahdina As-Sirata Al-Mustaqima Sirata Al-Ladhina An`amta Alayhim… min Al Nabiyina, wa al Shuhada’ wa al Salihina… Fatiha.

Mawlid Mubarak!


Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat of the 12th of January, 2014.


Tonight was Mawlid night, like no other in the world. May it be holy for the people of Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam). May Allah let us reach his intercession. May no worries remain on people. May shaitan and those who follow shaitan be defeated. May calamities stop. May mercies come down on the people of Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam). May relief come. May those who who want to destroy the people of Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) be destroyed themselves. Bi hurmati hadhihi laylat-ul Mubarak. Bi hurmati Fatiha.

I am relieved. I was upset in the beginning but now am relieved. For the holy birth-night of our Master (sallAllahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) doing as we are doing a thousand times, a hundred thousand times, is not enough. Grant us compassion and intercession, O most honored and distinguished one.

May Sham be opened as well. May the enemies of Islam disappear. Fatiha for the honor of the holy night.

A representative came. Keep it above, don’t put down.

Video link-Sohbat: Mawlid Mubarak

Video linkMawlid al-Nabi (Beautiful celebrations on the Blessed night of the Prophet’s birth, Mawlid an Nabi sallAllahu alayhi wasallam, Salawats, hadra in the park, fireworks, and ziyarah of the blessed hair of the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wasallam in Lefke, Cyprus)

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ‘aly Muhammadin wa Sallim

The Master of the Universe (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) represents the help of our Lord.

Jannah on earth


Asta’idhu billah, “wa khuliqal insanu da’ifan”(4:28) SubhanAllah. The nature of a person is weak. What can we do? We can’t do anything. We are in need of Divine help. We are in need of the help of our Lord. The Master of the Universe (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) represents the help of our Lord. Respect him. Don’t fear. Don’t respect other than him. They will ruin you. Respect our Master, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam.

It will open. We will open in this holy month. Master of the Universe, I can’t do anything. May Allah forgive me. May He forgive you too. Let’s say Hu, Hu. Fatiha.

You can’t describe the oceans of oceans with a dot. We can give as much as is given. We can understand as much as we can. We can teach as much as we can teach. We can learn as much as we are able. And we leave what we can’t learn.

O our Rich Padishah, our Lord, our Lord, we love You. We don’t want weakness, we don’t want to be weak. I want to be strong. We don’t want to be like helpless animals on Your way. What we want is… Who is at the door of Rabb-ul Izzet cannot be helpless, cannot be mean; he is full of the bliss of love.

O my Lord, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. Fatiha. He is Allah. We can’t compete. Take these away.

~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), January 06, 2014