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Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim


All power is from Allah Almighty, and we must always ask for His support, because we are in need, we are weak ones. Allah Almighty ordered His Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to inform his Ummah that anything that is not begun with His Holy Name : “Bismilla hir Rahman ir Rahim”, will never be supported by Allah; it means it will never give fruit, and it must fail. If you say Allah’s Holy Name, you will take benefit from that action, and any harm that may be in it will leave you. Whoever is feeling weak should say it, and power will come to his physical body and to his heart.

The Bismillah is the most important key for opening all treasures in the Heavens and on earth, and for opening all forms of knowledge. Allah Almighty has put three thousand of His Holy Names in it: 1000 Names that are known only to the Angels, 1000 Names known by the Prophets, 999 Names contained in the 4 Holy Books, and His Greatest Name. All of these Names are contained in the Bismillah.

Whoever is able to reach to the secret power of the Bismillah should be dressed in miraculous powers. We, as servants of Allah, should say it at least 100 times daily. If a person continues for 40 days, he should find some power, some changes in himself, especially if he says it one thousand times between Fajr and sunrise. From unseen worlds, from Malakut beautiful views will appear to him. According to the thickness of the veils of his heart, from 1x 40 days, up to 7x 40 days, there should be an opening. If not, it means that his heart is too occupied with Dunya, and he should try to put Dunya last, and then try again. It is a rule which can’t be wrong. Even in one day it may be opened, because it is so powerful.

Every time you say: “Bismilla hir Rahman ir Rahim”, it means that you are remembering the Lord: “Oh My Lord, I am remembering You!” And then Allah says: “Oh My servant, I am remembering you!” Don’t forget! If you forget, you will be forgotten.

– Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani ar Rabbani (qaddasAllahu sirrahul’aziz)

Sultan ul Awliya


Real Peace

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Real Peace

Happy Birthday Beloved Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (QS)!


Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

● Our Lord Almighty says: Draw near to Me! I will grant you a place in My Eternal Kingdom, where you will abide in ever-lasting beauty for all eternity.

“A flower, Shaykh Mehmet Efendi, is alive and sprouts afresh. Through its fresh green it wishes to approach Allah Almighty. Even a green blade of grass grows and puts forth flowers. For what? Let me win their hearts, let me draw close to my Lord, it says. How lovely! It springs forth from the ground, the black earth. It turns green and shows its various colours. For whom does it produce such beauty? Whom does it do this for? Ah, if only we could realize this! All the different kinds of flowers, the different types of trees, the different kinds of fruits, for what do they all grow and flower, and shine? wa-btaghū ilayhi l-wasīla. (5:35) In order to gain the Lord’s good pleasure. Eh, we have become sticks of dry wood. Dry wood. Our Lord Almighty says: Draw near to Me! I will grant you a place in My Eternal Kingdom, where you will abide in ever-lasting beauty for all eternity. Do not dry up and perish. Allahu Akbar. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah.”

– Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

Allaahumma Salli alaa Muhammadin wa alaa Aali Muhammadin wa Sallim


The Miracles of Mawlid

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (Qs),
Sohbat of the 2nd of January 2015, Lefke – Cyprus

Mawlid Miracles

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r- Rahmani r-Rahim. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati Ashabi Rasulillah, madad ya Mesha’ikhina, Madad Ya Sheikh Abdullah Daghistani, Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, Dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah.

  • “There is no limit or bounds to the miracles of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).”

Today, praise to Allah, 2 holy days have occurred together. It is Friday, Friday is a holy celebration day for Muslims, and it’s the birth day of the Prophet, the greatest celebration day. This is our Eid. Those who know its value, they will benefit. They will receive spiritual fa’iz, baraka/blessings, and nur/light. Because our Prophet is not in need of us. Even though, he constantly prayed – “Ummati, ummati, O my nation. O Allah, don’t let my nation stray from the right way, don’t throw them in hell fire.” It was like that from the moment he was born – that was a miracle.

There is no limit or bounds to the miracles of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Since he is a Prophet, he should perform miracles. Prophets have miracles. A miracle is different from karamat/supernatural wonders. Awliya perform karamat but Prophets always have miracles. Many miracles happened on the birth day of our Prophet. A part of Kisra’s(Persian king) palace was destroyed. The fire that they worshiped for 1,000 years was extinguished. That fire had never been turned off before. There were many miracles like that on the day our Prophet was born.

People in the past knew different types of knowledge than the people of today. Don’t think that people in the past were living without knowing anything. They were smarter than you and me. They knew. That’s why they were following and keeping track. They understood from the stars and the sun. There were astronomers who studied what events will happen, occur. By Allah’s wisdom, they were given that ‘ilm/knowledge. Since our Prophet was the greatest and the most valuable, the Jews were looking/waiting (for him). Before our Prophet was born, it was known that a Prophet will come, that Muhammad will come. No one used the name, Ahmad. But several people used the name Muhammad. A Prophet called Muhammad will come. At that time, many people used the name Muhammad, so that the Prophet would be from them.

So it was known, but when our Prophet came, they were stubborn. Most didn’t become Muslim. But after, whether by force or voluntarily, they couldn’t deny it any more, and when everyone else became Muslim, they also became Muslim. They didn’t accept it because it was new/different. Satan made them to not accept. People nowadays are the same.

2 days ago, there was a great commotion to make preparations everywhere for the new year. They made parties here and there and did this and that. “Let’s have fun.” Why? “Because of the new year.” The new year didn’t give you anything. Who gave you all these favors? Allah gave you these favors. And Allah’s Beloved servant is our Prophet, Hz. Muhammad (SallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). That is why the ayah we read in the khutbah – Laqad kana lakum fi rasuli Llaha uswatun hasanatun (33:21)”Our Prophet is the best example” for people to follow. The kamil/perfect man, the greatest of all mankind. There is nothing in the universe more exalted/sublime than he, our Prophet. You are his nation – Be proud. You can’t be proud of anything else. We can’t be proud of our race, or leaders. There’s only one thing to be proud of. This is a big grant.

To be from the Nation of our Prophet is the greatest grant for us. Shukr to Allah. We must be thankful. Every day there should be 2 raka’at shukr prayer in our tariqa for being in this religion, for being on this way. We are praying 2 rak’at shukr for the saints and the guides and the Sheikhs who are reaching him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). There should be shukr prayer every day. You can pray whenever you can, either morning or evening, Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) is showing us the way to what we should do. He (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) is a good leader, a good teacher. He is a good shepherd. We are proud to be from his herd. Because a good sheperd doesn’t leave his herd to go down a bad path. We are following him. We are declaring that we are from his nation, and we are happy and proud. Those who deny being from his nation, it is their choice. If you don’t acknowledge him, then Allah doesn’t acknowledge you.

Allah protects our Prophet. Allah doesn’t let anyone say anything bad about the one He loves. Those who do say (bad things) will suffer in the hereafter. Both in the hereafter, and in dunya. No baraka in dunya or akhira. Baraka is with our Prophet. If you have any trouble, if you face any problems, mention the name of our Prophet, recite salawat. That will give you comfort. It is a shifa’/cure for everything. It is strength. Don’t take it for granted. That is why Sulayman Chalabi is saying that this night is like Laylatu l-Qadr. And it is really like that. So we have reached a great, important night. May Allah wake up the believers.

2 nights ago, they celebrated a made-up celebration. I don’t know if it was just me, but we didn’t even notice that the new year came. Allah knows best, but because of our Prophet’s Mawlid, Allah made this new year to pass by unnoticed, because it happened very close (to mawlid). Shukr to Allah, we hope it will be more insignificant every passing year. May Allah guide these people to the right way, so they see haqqiyah/truth. This is real, the other one is false. But they celebrate it every year. If you are 30 years old, that means you have been celebrating for at least 20, 25 years. If you are 50, then you have been celebrating for 40 years. You are getting older. If you reach 90 years old, then there is nothing left to celebrate. But our Prophet’s mawlid – the more you live, the more you celebrate, the more fa’iz and baraka you will receive.

Committing sins is a feature of mankind. Allah says – if these people do not sin, I will create new ones so they will sin and I can forgive them. Let them seek forgiveness so I forgive them. 2 days ago many wrong things were done. Allah has opened the gate of forgiveness so that their wrongdoings do not affect you. That gate is still open. Those people may seek forgiveness and repent. They may plead to Allah that they won’t do something like this again. And they will be saved. But if they insist on doing the same thing again, then it is up to them. It will not harm Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla). Because Allah created everyone Himself. Do as much as you like, go crazy, but it doesn’t matter.

But as we said, Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) has shown us the right way. Follow the Prophet. Do what he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) did. His (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) manners, his habits/temperament, and the things he did, that is the best. “uswatun hasana” – that means the best is with our Prophet. The greatest miracle of our Prophet, after the miracle of the Qur’an, was that he was illiterate. That means our Prophet could not read or write. But our Prophet made such a system that – He taught people from the finest details to the most difficult matters in only 23 years. He taught Muslims – actually he taught all of mankind so that they learn and will become Muslim. Forget about 23 years, but for 1,400 years, scholars are still finding new knowledge from the teachings of our Prophet from those 23 years and it is still not finished.

If he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) could read and write, they might say – he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) read & learned this from somewhere else and that is how he is teaching us. Even if he could read, it would normally be impossible to do it in 23 years. Everything from A to Z, everything from alif to ya, our Prophet taught us. There is nothing that he didn’t show mankind. That is why this is a great miracle. He was an orphan and he was illiterate. When Allah gives, He gives like this (endlessly). Since he is a true Prophet, there are millions of proofs, millions of signs, and most important of all – Allah is witnessing. Allah is his (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) witness. It is said, wa kafa biLlahi shahidan.(48:28) (Allah suffices as a witness) By Allah’s mercy, may He grant us to be worthy of the Prophet’s (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) shafa’a/intercession. We are in need of his (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) intercession on Judgment Day.

  • “These are the salafi and wahhabi people. Even if their name isn’t ‘wahhabi/salafi’, anyone who thinks like this is considered to be from them. Because this way of thinking belongs to them.”

There are 2 groups. One group, as we said, they’re celebrating (new year) – they don’t know about Prophet or religion – but some do know. The second group is a new group. By Allah’s wisdom there are not many of them in our country. But those who are studying in religious schools, I think they are getting proud. More than they are learning knowledge, they are becoming proud. They are not accepting the intercession of our Prophet. They say – we will be accountable for our own selves. They are the type of people who say – there is Allah, so we don’t need the shafa’ah of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

These are the salafi and wahhabi people. Even if their name isn’t ‘wahhabi/salafi’, anyone who thinks like this is considered to be from them. Because this way of thinking belongs to them. Because all Muslims, up until the Ottomans, all accepted shafa’ah/ intercession. They never lost their respect, reverence for the Prophet. But these new people, may Allah grant them good understanding. What can we say. They claim they are not wahhabi or salafi – No, you are both salafi and wahhabi. And another important thing, I will say it here again – There is someone called Sayyid Qutb. He is not a scholar, he is a psychologist. He wrote a Qur’an tafsir, called Fi Dhilali l-Qur’an,(In the Shade of Quran) and all our Islamic Studies teachers consider him with high regard. The content of that book is against the Sunnah and Shari’ah. It is very common but real scholars know what it really is. And people of tariqah know. But those who are not following tariqah guides, like those studying Islamic Studies, do not know. 90 percent of them use this book. They revere him. And he is the chief salafi. Be careful about that.

  • “Do not give value to the new books that were written after the Ottoman period, because very rarely will you find a good, true person.”

You can read the books of Imam Ghazali or Imam Rabbani. Do not give value to the new books that were written after the Ottoman period, because very rarely will you find a good, true person. Most of them are coming as enemies to Islam. They appear to be Muslim, appear to be haqq, but they are satans. Don’t follow them. Like we said, they are known – they don’t have respect or esteem for our Prophet. Allah won’t give them a good reputation. Anyone who follows them is overcome by disasters. They are causing trouble everywhere, they are ruining Islam. And that is what enemies of Islam want. May Allah protect us all and give us correct understanding. And especially those studying Islamic Studies – may Allah not leave them to their egos, because they are in contact with a large population of people. If they ruin the beliefs of people, they will be held accountable. When those people enter the presence of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) – actually they cannot enter his presence. Prophet won’t accept them in his presence. Go with your deeds to the scale, and let’s see if you will be saved or not.

For the sake of this holy day, may Allah give them a correct way of understanding. They should think well, because our Prophet said – 1 hour of thought is better than 100 years worship. They should consider well and then go to address people.

  • “Allah sent him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) as a mercy for all of us, for all of the universe.”

Alhamdulillah, today we reached to feast together, Juma day and the birth of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Sayyidina Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Allah sent him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) as a mercy for all of us, for all of the universe. And the whole universe, Allah created for him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), for his sake. And we are thankful for Allah, to be in his Nation, of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). It is big honor and it is big favor for us. In our tariqah, we must pray every day, 2 rak’at shukr for all these favors that Allah gives us and especially to be in His most Beloved Prophet’s, Sayyidina Muhammad’s (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) Nation.

Alhamdulillah, hundred times, thousand times, million times, we are following him, and we love him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Because he said – “If you love Allah, follow me, and Allah will love you.”(3:31) Allah loves who follows Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), who follows his orders, and (who) accepts Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he is most precious for Allah. We are nothing. Only Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he is everything. And his birth, it was a miracle also. Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and all Prophets have miracles. But Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he has more and more, thousand, more than thousand, or more than thousands. Especially, even when he was born, many things happened. Especially in Iran, this fire they were worshiping – all the Iranian people they were worshiping fire, and it is holy fire for them. For thousand years not turning off. But when Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) born, it was turned off. And some of his palaces breaking. There were many things it was (happening) that night. And especially when he was born, he was speaking – “Ummati, O my nation. (To) Allah, he prayed for (his) nation. He was in sajdah, and making, praying for his ummah, to save them. He’s the most merciful for ummah.

But many people, new type of Muslims, they are not accepting shafa’ah(his intercession) They said – no need (for) this. And especially, these people, they are wahhabi and salafi, they say for themselves. They call themselves salafi, but salaf salih – they are saying, “we are imitating salaf salih.” What meaning salaf salih? After sahaba, those who are following Islam. And they said – these people, they were doing like us. No, they weren’t doing this. They were accepting shafa’a and accepting Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). But there was another kind of people, they are also, they were worshiping more than sahaba, praying, fasting more than sahaba, but they are out of Islam, Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said. Because they were fighting Muslims, making fitna, like these days. Exactly, this is what they’re following, not salaf salih. Salaf salih were respecting and accepting and there were many of awliya’ullah in that time.

And especially, I said for, in Turkey or in our country, there’s not much from this kind of people. But there is a kind, they’re cheating, beginning to cheat who are studying Islamic Studies. And they are looking for a new thing. And maybe 90 percent of these people, they like this man who is called, Sayyid Qutb. Sayyid Qutb, he is the most Wahhabi one. He writes tafsir, Fi Dhilali l-Qur’an, it is against Shari’a even. It is not acceptable for tariqa or for shari’a. But these people, they are following, they are happy to read this. But it is not good. The good thing, you can read Imam Ghazali, or you can read Imam Rabbani. If you are intelligent, or you like to read something, or you’re studying Islamic Studies, you can read this. But not for who is making your belief to make it wrong and teaching people wrong.

Most imams, they are from this school, and when you speak to them, you feel something wrong. And they like to do something good, but they are doing wrong. This is fitna of satan. So we are happy, we must be happy for Mawlid of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). We must celebrate everywhere. Even in all this (entire) month, we must celebrate, we must be happy. To be happy with this, it is worship. Because Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla), He ordered us to praise Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) every time. He not saying this time also (in particular) but when you praise in these occasions, you’ll be more happy. More… Allah gives more power in your iman/faith. To follow and to love Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), this is real iman.

And in the ayah that we read in the khutbah – “laqad kana lakum fi rasuli Llahi uswatun hasana” (33:21) Allah give Prophet every good thing (quality), who must people to follow him. You must follow him, exactly what he’s doing. What he teach you, it is right. Also, biggest miracle from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) – to be not writing (and reading). Not reading or writing. No schools at that time- illiterate. And for 23 years he built the system that it is the most complete, the top, and the most perfect system in the world, since Adam (as) until now. So, until now, scholars and ‘alims, they are still, they couldn’t finish this knowledge from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Still doing, still looking. How in 23 years he (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) make everything. (An) illiterate person. It must be a miracle. There’s thousands of miracles, but even (especially) for this miracle, all world must become Muslim and accept Islam. And it is impossible to do this – for one man, only by himself, in the desert. Even he was in desert, because if he was in city, in big cities, they might say that someone helped him. But there was nothing. All around there were enemies for him.

So, it is the biggest miracle. And we are happy to accept him. And we like everyone to accept him. The real celebration is tonight, not what people were celebrating before 2 days. It is nothing, before 2 days – One year coming, one year going, you got anything? You feel more better, you feel more stronger when one year coming and going? No, just, nothing to be happy, but people are following ego and ego taking them wrong. Allah created us and showing us who to follow. “laqad kana lakum fi rasuli Llahi ‘uswatun hasana” (33:21) Allah orders – you must follow Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), everything he do is good. And good for you, here and hereafter. Even in dunya also, you be with the baraka of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Everything you can get from his baraka. All barakah Allah gave him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

(May) Allah make these people, who are not respecting or knowing Prophet, to know him, to respect him, to accept him. We are not jealous – only to make for us – we are happy when people becoming more and more, we are happy more and more. This is teaching of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) – to not have envy, to be happy with new people coming to Islam. Every person, bringing to Islam, to right way, Allah give you also, reward you for him. Alhamdulillah, this is endless generosity from Allah.

Wa min Allah it-Tawfiq, Al-Fatiha.

The Month of The Prophet ﷺ

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (Qs), Sohbat of the 26th of December, 2014, Lefke – Cyprus

Sultan Mehmet qs

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya RasulAllah, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Dastur ya Sadati Ashabi RasulAllah, ya Mashaykhina fi t-tariqati n-Naqshbandiyya. Madad ya Mawlana Sh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani, madad ya Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur.

May the month of Mawlid be blessed inshaAllah. Mawlid, the month of Rabi al-Awwal is the month of our Prophet. It is a holy and blessed month. Why is it holy and blessed? Because it is a month when the most Beloved servant of Allah was born. Like in the hadith sharif of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), which was quoted a while ago in a khutba “You can’t be a real believer unless you love me more than your parents, children and all people.” You can’t have real iman.

  • The difference between Islam and Iman is like between earth and sky, or even more than that.

Iman is different, and Islam is different. Everyone who says shahada becomes Muslim. But iman, to have iman is more virtuous, it is a much higher level. The difference between Islam and iman is like between earth and sky, or even more than that. The rank of iman is that high. That’s why, most people nowadays, you think they are learning. Instead of obtaining knowledge they are becoming more ignorant. Why is it happening? Because the people who teach them have learned from books. We’ll say how come. They call it imitated, artificial. More artificial. They became artificial scholars. They read books, as we said. And mashaAllah, if they sit down, they won’t stop talking for 10 hours. And they talk about everything. But what? It’s useless. Not only useless, but also harmful to people. However, alims who took it from a Sheikh or from a murshid, they train good people. Knowledge should be asked from them.

Asking for knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. That’s why Muslims everywhere are going here and there to get knowledge. They see a hodja, think he’s good and start listening to him. If that hodja has learned from a murshid, if he respects Awliya, then he respects our Prophet too. On the contrary, if he learned from books and is artificial, he’ll say that the Prophet is an ordinary man like us. “He came and left. He had a task to do. Allah sent him, so he came.” They say there is no need to respect him too much. Whereas in Qur’an also, Allah Azza wa Jalla put His order to respect Prophet in many ayats of Qur’an. There are orders like “I respect him, you should respect him too. Make salawat to him”. Whatever the wisdom is, those people who claim to be alim, cannot see it. They try to do something according to their minds.

From this perspective, it is important that there are dergahs, true Masha’ikh, and murshids. They can reach up to our Prophet. Because it happens with permission. Masha’ikh pass permission to each other. And those who come to them for sohbas take their share of virtues. It is a matter of fate. It’s not written for everyone to love our Prophet. Allah Azza wa Jalla said “I created the universe from the light of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Then I put it in the spine of Adam, alaihi salam. And until the birth of our Prophet, I selected from the purest nation.” Moreover, our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said the best nation is the Arabs. Among Arabs – the people of Quraish. Despite that, the Quraish people were those who harmed our Prophet the most. Those who harmed him are mentioned continuously in Qur’an and there are ayats about them.

  • The benefit lies in loving our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

Even when Abu Jahl was dying. Abdullah ibn Mas’ud was young, our Prophet told him to go for jihad. Abu Jahl had beaten Abdullah ibn Masud, he had torn his ear. When he came to cut his (Abu Jahl) head off, he was told “Tell your friend that even in the face of my death there is no one I hate more than him”. Then our Prophet said “My pharaoh is worse than the pharaoh of my brother Musa.” The pharaoh of Musa said “amantu” (I believe) when he was dying. This one knew he was dying, still he sent a message to our Prophet saying he is the man he hates the most. So he was from Quraish. The other one is his uncle Abu Lahab. He was his direct uncle. Because he didn’t love our Prophet, Allah curses him in Qur’an. It will go so until Qiyama. But there is the wisdom of Allah in it. The day our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was born, he (Abu Lahab) had one slave. She came to tell him he had a nephew. He was so happy that he gave the slave money. That was Monday. Every Monday his torture in hell becomes lighter. On that day, water appears on his finger and he drinks it.

What is it signifying? If anyone does even something little for the honor of our Prophet Allah will give more to him. But if someone harms our Prophet, His most beloved, and shows no respect, he will pay for it. You can’t be saved even if you are a close Arab or from Quraish because he is the Beloved servant of Allah. There is punishment for it. That’s why, people who are not Arabs, love Arabs. They love because of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And Arabs are using it. And look at the wisdom of Allah: they are loving Arabs because our Prophet was Arab. But it is Arabs who are spoiling the belief of people saying that our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) is dead and gone. They will be punished. It is useless to try to explain this to people anyway. There is no benefit if you are Arab or non-Arab. The benefit lies in loving our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). You should love him more than your parents, children and everyone.

In our countries, when a baby starts talking, they start asking “Who do you love more?” And they teach him to say he loves Allah first, then our Prophet, then his father, mother or whoever you want. They instill this from their childhood. We haven’t seen this in other places. They start saying “You love this, you love that”. But in fact, you should start putting love of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) in their hearts from infancy. This will save them. The love of our Prophet will save them both here and hereafter by permission of Allah. Who loves our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) here won’t be harmed by anything with Allah’s permission. And their children will be on the right path with Allah’s permission.

  • The night of Mawlid is equal to Laylat-ul Qadr.

Shukr to Allah, we reached the month of Mawlid again. We should respect the month of Mawlid. Sheikh Effendi used to say, the more charity you make and read Mawlid, the better it is. This month should be known. Now they have come up with the 21st of April. They celebrate then too. But Sheikh Effendi didn’t approve it much. He didn’t like it. Nevertheless, they remember the Prophet, so it’s ok. But I see that they give more importance to it than Mawlid. They announce it as the week of the holy birth. It is fine if they do it… But they should celebrate it in this month – it must be in Rabi al-Awwal. As Hz. Sulaiman Chelebi, who wrote the Mawlid Sharif, said, the night of Mawlid is equal to Laylat-ul Qadr. It is almost equal because if there was no Prophet, there wouldn’t be Laylat-ul Qadr. The Qur’an was sent to him later of course. That’s why we have to respect it. Every time you give sadaqa, make Mawlid for our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), or make charity, make intention of Mawlid for the honor of our Prophet. Read a lot of salawat.

On mawlid night, inshaAllah mawlid will be read and prayers made. It is good to make salat al-tasbih. It is good to to stay awake that night. Of course, as much as one can do. Staying awake until a certain time, then having rest with the intention of waking up for tahajjud will be counted as if whole night was spent awake. And this is good news. May Allah let us reach it every year.

Alhamdulillah, we are now in the month of the birth of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Rabi al-Awwal. Rabi al-Awwal – a very holy month. And there is holy night, night of the birth of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). It is equal to Laylat-ul Qadr. Because if no Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), it was no Laylat-ul Qadr. Laylat-ul Qadr coming after him. Because Qur’an in Laylat-ul Qadr given for Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And it is created for Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). To love Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), it is order, it is obligatory for every Muslim. And we read in khutba Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he said – “They cannot be real believer, if you will not love me more than your father and children and all human beings.” Nobody can be, mustn’t be more beloved for you more than Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

  • It is very high rank to be believer.

Why he said, he is saying this? To make you real believer. Real believer… Muslim, it is different. And believer, real believer – different. It is very high rank to be believer. Like a sky for between Muslim and believer. Muslim – everybody say “la ilaha illAllah, Muhammad RasulAllah”, he’s Muslim. What he’s doing, he’s doing or not doing, he is just Muslim. But to be believer, this is what we’re ordered to be, mu’min – “Ya ayyuhal ladhina amanu”, “ya ayyuhal-mu’minun” This most order coming for believers. Who are not respecting Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), they are not believer, only they… Allah, He said for them “You are only Muslim, not believer”. What meaning? It is, you are in danger. Many things can take your belief. You can become out of Islam even.

So the most important thing in Islam is to love Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), he is savior for us. He will save us by his shafa’a/intercesssion. Without his shafa’a, it is not easy, not easy to come in this Judgment Day and to wait in this all, 1,000 of years you can wait. It is not a joke. It is, Allah telling this. He is the Creator and He is doing and He is saying to people how to save themselves. In Judgment Day no shadow (shade). Only Allah can make shadow for special people. And who are these special people? Prophet and Awliya and shuhada/martyrs and who are loving Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and doing what he said. They give them secret to be with them. This is really. Here maybe 1 hour under sun, people they are running away. Waiting in the queue half an hour also they will run away. But there is no place to run away from all this bad situation.

Only in this dunya Allah tell you what to do so you are very quick to be in jannah to be and take from hawdh-ul kawthar/ pool of Kawthar. This is water of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). “Inna a’tainaka l-kawthar” (108:1) Allah give this for Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And when people who first Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) (will give) intercession for them, they will drink and quickly go to jannah, to paradise, no waiting. And it is not difficult. You are people, they love… People who are very bad people. Why? Because they are making special things. They are making funny things, maybe they are enjoying their ego but real enjoyment to be with Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), to love him. And it is Allah give in this world before akhira, enjoyment, real enjoyment for your spiritual being. And it is for everybody. Not it is only for Arab, for Turk, for other. No, for who believe in, who believe in Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and love him, he is in satisfaction in dunya before akhira also. Because nothing can save you, even if you are Arab, also not important.

Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was saying when this Abu Jahl, he died in battle of Badr, and Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, he come to him and say to him Prophet sent him to look and to kill. And he find him. He was injured, nearly dying. He said to him “Take this.” Abu Jahl, he was very proud. This proudness, it is very bad. You cannot imagine how it is very bad. For this Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was very humble and he was hating proudness. Even in that situation, he said to Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud “Don’t kill me with your sword. Your sword, it is dirty. Take my sword. It is more strong and cutting quickly. And say to your friend I hate him more than ever now.” This Abu Jahl, he said when even he was dying to Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And when Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud said this to Sayyidina Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) he said “My pharaoh, it is worse than Musa’s pharaoh”. Musa’s pharaoh, when he was dying, he said “I’ve become believer – Amantu”. But this one has become worse.

And they were making harming Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). He said “No Prophet was harmed like me.” And his tribe the best. Allah Azza wa Jalla said “I created Sayyidina Muhammad and give him the best nation and the best tribe and the best things.” But even these people when they are making harming to Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), Allah not looking for what they are. Only important thing here… Even his uncle Abu Lahab also. In Qur’an there is surah making bad description for him and for his wife (surah:111) It is not important to be very near for him or to be from his nation. No. Important thing for everybody to be loving him. And even Abu Lahab, when before, when Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) first born, they tell him “Your become (born), your nephew.” He was happy, give this slave woman something to make her happy. Because she… It was Monday. Every Monday in jahannam, in hell, it will punishment stopping and he given water from his finger. This is very small things. Because he was happy, Allah He was giving him. But other side, he was punishing him. Because he was not believing in him (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and he was harming all time.

So no need to be look for people and to take people saying “This is alim, this is not.” No. It is… Alim, real alim coming from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), from murshid, from Masha’ikh. This other one artificial. Artificial alim, it is no benefit. It is a losing, making to lose your iman, you lose your faith. But real alim, all coming from Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). By one, by one, and it is giving benefit, not giving like other one. So alhamdulillah, the most important thing here to be loving Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). And who respecting and loving Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), we respect him. Who are saying he is man like us, we will not respect them. And now it is… In this month, we must make more salawat, we make every time more charity and salah. Night of 12th of Rabi al-Awwal – Mawlid. Even you can do every day Mawlid also. You must think and be happy, because he is our happiness here and hereafter. To be with him, it is the greatest happiness. Allah make this for us and for our children. And when you… In our country, baby beginning to speak, they ask him “Whom you love?” They said mother, father. No they said you must first say Allah, after Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), after father. This is teaching also for small children to put love of Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) in their heart, small heart. And he also for you, there will be benefit for you.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.

Al Haqqania

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Al Haqqani

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat – June, 1998.

Dastur, yā Sayyidī, Madad Madad, yā Sultān al-Anbiyā’ Madad, yā Sultān al-Awliyā’, Madad, yā Sadātinā l-kirām. A‘ūdhu bi-Llāhi min ash-shaytāni r-rajīm ،Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm Lā hawla wa lā quwwata illa bi-Llāhi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Azīm O Allāh, inspire us with righteousness and protect us from the evil of our egos! This is a message from our generous guardians & masters from my master Sultan al-Awliyā’ ‘Abd Allāh ad-Dāghistānī may Allāh Most High increase his station evermore through his servant Shaykh Muhammad Nāzim al-Haqqānī, the one carrying the byname al-Haqqānī.

As tensions increase in the land because moral corruption arose after Sultan ar-Rashād and spread rapidly among communities and individuals, from house to house, from neighborhood to neighborhood. Corruption has spread and ignorance has become common and darkness rules and Iblīs and his armies have taken control of large portions of mankind and possessed their hearts with the darkness of unbelief, hypocrisy and dissent. May Allāh protect us and you from falling into the temptations of evil, as they surround people on their left and on their right, from in front and from behind them, from below as well as from above, so that there is no spot left without evil – announcing corruption has taken leadership in the land, and the secret of the noble verse has become apparent. I seek refuge with Allāh: “and they fear a day whose evil will be widespread” (76:7) “and they fear a day whose evil will be widespread.”

This is our day: evil with countless wings flying over the land and over Allāh’s servants. So beware with utmost care, O servants of Allāh, Allāh Himself is warning you of destruction, annihilation, and ruin. So don’t blame anyone but yourselves if something hits you from the wrath of the All-Compelling! Join the ranks of the pious ones to be saved from annihilation and destruction in this world and on the Day of Decision.

You grew up in an age full of darkness in which there is no discerning between wrong and right and in which the orders of the Creator, Exalted is He, are not obeyed and people are ruled by their desires. “and they refuse common kindnesses” (107:7) although the Exalted reprimands them, saying, “Have you seen the one, who has taken his desires for his god?” (45:23). And He ordered them to go against their egos and desires and shaytān and this world while they were in a majestic setting – “The day We punish them with the greater punishment, We shall truly take revenge.” (44:16) So beware with utmost care. O servants of Allāh, fear Allāh, fear Allāh, regarding yourselves and your spouses and your children and your deeds.

“Show mercy to those on earth so that who is in heavens will show you mercy!” “Who doesn’t show mercy won’t be shown mercy.” This is a definite rule. Whose heart is bereft of mercy definitely the wrath of the All-Compelling will come down upon him. So beware with utmost care if there is no mercy in the servant’s heart for the servants of Allāh, be warned of the darkness/oppression. The Exalted, He says, “Verily, I have forbidden Myself oppression, so don’t oppress!” It is pure oppression which leads the servants to destruction, bringing ruin to the land, from East to West, from North to South.

I am warning you and I say: Beware of the anger of the ego and beware of fanaticism. There is no fanaticism in the religion of Islam, nor in the religion of Christianity, nor in the Jewish religion. You must show mercy, and if you are merciful, Allāh will be merciful to you. Stand straight in the court of al-Haqq and “do what is good, verily, Allāh loves those who do good!” (2:195) There can’t be the least doubt “Allah is Witness over what you do.”(3:98) and not an atom’s weight escapes Him neither of good nor of evil! So understand, O servants of Allāh, that verily, Allāh orders you to be just and equitable. Give Allāh’s servants the rights you owe them! That is enough.

Wherever you find the fire of dissension you must extinguish it! Whoever strives to extinguish the fire of dissension his Lord will reward him with a reward from Himself and He will say on the Day of Gathering, and also before the Day of Gathering during his worldly existence, He will single him out through the abundance of light appearing in him as if he was the sun in the sky. O servants of Allāh, it is your duty to help those who are in distress. This is a matter of great importance, which will please the Lord, Exalted is He & Most High. There is no action more beloved to Allāh Most High than helping those who are in distress.

The one thing better than helping the distressed is to help those crying for help, (from a poem:) “O You, Who help the one calling for help, if You don’t help us, who will help? And we have no Lord as Helper except for You, O Lord of the servants!” We are asking for Your help. O our Lord support us with a special support by the high rank of Your Beloved, the Chosen [al-Mustafa], Your Messenger, with whom Allāh is pleased [al-Murtada], Master of the First & the Last, whom You sent as a Mercy for all the worlds by the sanctity of al-Fātiha.

This is what I have to say & I’m asking forgiveness for myself & for you & all believers. Success belongs to those who ask forgiveness, so I ask Allāh for forgiveness. Regarding the daily practices [awrād]: There is permission for all that which Mawlana (Shaykh ‘Abd Allāh) has assigned to us, according to your capacity. As much as you can do keep to the awrād of the Shaykh! To increase the honor of the Prophet (salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). al-Fātiha.

Sh. Hisham: We don’t understand what al-Haqqānī is. It’s a new name.

Shaykh Nāzim: Al-Haqqānī is the one who never accepts oppression or injustice. Every human has rights. Don’t say: this one is a Druze, that is a Christian, this is Alawi, that one is a Shia; that a Syrian, that a Lebanese or Iraqi. This one’s a Jordanian, that a Saudi. This is a Turk, that an Arab! Each sect and each individual from each community has the right to enjoy existence in their world so that they may progress by their acts of obedience to their Lord, Exalted and Most High. And Allāh, the Exalted, has made this earth a place where all servants can enjoy their existence. Every servant has a right to live in whatever country he likes!

Where Is Our Grave?

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim


Ad-dinu nasiha. Religion is advice. It is a ghanimah/spoils for Man. Angels greet us with Salam. O Ahbab who are on the way of Shah Mardan, yaran-u Shah Mardan – Welcome to this day of ours. May this day of ours be beautiful for us, may it be beautiful for you. May it not bring sorrows or despair. May our day come filled with goodness. May we receive from the goods of our day that which is filled with goodness. How beautiful. O Ya Rabbi. We are not like fourlegged animals. Dunya is a hostel for them too but dunya is not a hostel for Man like it is for animals. Dunya is a hostel. There are who land and who leave.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. O Lion of Allah’s way. May you fill us with faith. May you fill us with honour. May you fill us with loads of faith in the Presence of Rabbu-l Izzat. What is it that we ask for in dunya? It is faith. May we come with faith & leave with faith. May we not come for the dirty dunya. But shaytan made the people confused and says “Ask for the dirty dunya no matter what!” No, don’t run after the dirty dunya. You will be dirty. Run after the good ones and you will be good. You will be good. What is it that is asked from us? Ad-Dinu nasiha; religion is advice. There is one matter that is requested from us, about which the glorious Prophet of the End of Times informed us from Rabbu-l Izzat: Be good, be beautiful. Be nice. Don’t dive into the dunya filth. A barn is not suitable for you. Palaces are what are suitable for you. Kun fayakun! Palaces appear! Allah Almighty’s order immediately happens.

Know Allah, say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May we remember the Name of Allah first. We should say the Name of our Lord before anything else. May we remember the Name of Allah first. You have no honour, no value unless you say the honored Name of Allahu Dhu-l Jalal. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May we also take naseeb and ihsan from your way and may our faces become beautiful. May we not be ugly. The Prophet of the End of Times said: “Ahsinu wujuhakum”, make your faces beautiful. What makes the face of Man beautiful is not make-up. A beauty comes to Man- descending from Heavens and he becomes sweet. O Man! Be beautiful. This is the teaching of the Prophets: O Man, be beautiful. Don’t be ugly. On the contrary, be beautiful, says Allah Almighty. Allahu Jamilun, Allah Almighty is the most beautiful. Allah Almighty created His Habib and granted him beauty. What He (swt) asks from us is “Be beautiful, be nice”.

Ad-dinu nasiha. Religion is advice. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Man ashara qawman, la ‘arba’ina yawman sara minhum. If a people spend 40 days together with another people, they become from them. If they are together with donkeys for 40 days, they become donkeys. If they are together with a Sultan for 40 days, they become Sultans. Allah dressed on us the dress of sultanate. It is such a dress, such an honour /iftikhar dress that shaytan got jealous of it. It said, “It would be more suitable for me”. The word came from above: “I granted you what is suitable for you. You can’t interfere with what I grant him – you can’t interfere with what I grant the Children of Adam. I granted you what I granted you. You can’t interfere with Me!” Jalla Jalaluhu. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Janabu Rabbu-l Izzat rebuked shaytan. He (swt) said “You can’t interfere. You can’t decide what I grant or don’t grant. I granted you what I granted you but I didn’t grant you what I granted Adam”. Allahu Akbar!

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. O our Lord- our Subhan, our Sultan. You created Your Habib (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) beautiful. Who love Your Habib are also beautiful, who go on his way are also beautiful. Who have his morals are also beautiful. They are the people of paradise. Ad-dinu nasiha, religion is advice. Say O mankind, who are you? Who are you? You are the Hazrat Insan. Hazrat Insan – Allah Almighty dressed him with a rank. Angels said “Dress this attribute on us”. Allah Almighty said “No. “This is unique to Adam. What I granted to you and to Adam is different. “There is the dress of honour/iftikhar I dressed on Adam. He is My Caliph. “He is well-respected. There can’t be anyone “higher than the Children of Adam. “I granted this rank to him and granted you what I granted you but you can’t ask Me for what I granted Adam”.

O Lord, You made us beautiful. We wish we stayed beautiful. Stay alert! There are so many things- Rabbu-l Izzat, Janab-i Haqq, Jalla Jalaluhu says “I didn’t grant anyone what I granted the Children of Adam”. Be proud, honoured O Man! Be happy with this rank Allah Almighty granted us. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran are your admirers- they are admirers of the Nur on your face, they are admirers of the wisdom in your words. Shukur Janab Allah.

Insan! Prophet Adam is who represents Allahu Dhu-l Jalal. Why does he represent Allahu Dhu-l Jalal? Because Hazrat Nabi (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), who is the Prophet of the End of Times, represents Him. “I granted the Children of Adam honour for the honour of the Prophet of the End of Times”. Listen O yaran Shah Mardan. Let us say O yaran, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Always say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and there will be no power that can stop you, no power that can beat you. There is no honour that can reach your honour. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Grant us strength O our Mawla. Grant us power O our Mawla and we open up and are filled with love & enthusiasm. Shah Mardan’s way is the way of enthusiasm. Who is filled with love & enthusiasm is the Prophet Hz. It comes to us from him. Be Man, don’t be animal. Be beautiful; don’t be ugly. This is what Allah Almighty asks from us. But shaytan says, on the contrary, “Be ugly”. How can a person be ugly? He gets ugly with his actions. He is getting ugly according to what he does, you can’t even look at his face. You can’t look at shaytan’s face.

“Be beautiful” says the order from Heavens. O Children of Adam, all the Prophets that came from East to West told their nations “Be beautiful, don’t be ugly”. There is such a beauty that… Prophet Solomon- alaihi s-salam, ‘ala nabina alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, wrote a letter and said: “‘Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa ‘Innahu Bismi Llahi r-Rahmani r-Rahimi” (27:30). The earth trembled. Balqis’s golden throne shook and collapsed. O Man, your virtue and rank cannot be finished by writing or speaking of it. O glorious Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), who was told in the Divine Presence of Allah, “Put your feet on the ‘Arsh, O My Habib!” HabibuLlah asked for this honour for his Nation too, “May my Nation walk the path which I walk. May they not walk the path on which shaytan sets foot”. O our Lord- our Subhan, our Sultan. Kulluha Adab – All is Adab. The Holy Quran, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, from the beginning to its end is filled with wisdom, with beauties, with honour. Recite it and your honour increases.


Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, your yaran are your admirers. How beautiful it is to be from your yaran. Be nice. Be beautiful. Walk the path of beautiful ones. Who is the beautiful? Who takes Nur from Heavens is the beautiful. Man cannot be beautiful without taking that Nur. Don’t sleep. Open your eyes. Allah granted you eyes to see the beautiful. Allah granted you speech to speak of His Wisdoms. He granted you hands, feet, and a body so that you can perform His servanthood. Don’t escape from His servanthood- don’t escape from the servanthood of Rabbu-l Izzat. O our Lord- our Subhan, our Sultan. Shah Mardan is speaking to us. He is speaking to us, we should open up. We should open up. We should open up.

One day the grave is waiting for us too. However we are not created for the grave. They didn’t create us for grave. Our rank is high. Our grave is above, not inside of the earth. What they bury inside of the earth is the animal attributes. What goes up to the heavens is the Nur Allah granted us, the Ruh. To get the Ruh ready, be dressed with Ruh (spirituality) and then they may call you up. O our Lord. There is Shah Mardan who will teach us our humanity. O yaran Shah Mardan. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May the doors of Heaven open. The earth has nothing. Look for what comes down from Heavens. Look for what comes down from Heavens, not what grows up from the earth. Look for what comes down from Heavens. The animals and insects also eat what grows on the earth. You are different. You should know, you should know about yourself. O Children of Adam, O Bani Adam! “Uskun ‘Anta Wa Zawjuka l-Jannata” (2:35) I made the paradise an abode for you, O children of Adam. May you stay in these Paradises”. But shaytan messed it up. It made them expelled from paradise and thrown to this filthy dunya.

O our Lord! The dress of iftikhar, the dress of izzu sharaf (honour) was dressed on mankind. Don’t throw it away! That dress you are dressed with was dressed on you when you were leaving paradise. No one can take away from you that dress- that dress of honour, that dress of iftikhar. Not only one but even a thousand shaytans can’t take it. O our Lord! May You grant us strength. May You grant us power and we remember You. We stand in Your Way. May our love & enthusiasm increase. May You send us the Shah Mardan who will defeat the ones that corrupt Your way. May You send us the Sultans who will please Your Habib. May our external power increase. May our internal power increase also. Whatever the unbelievers, who oppose Islam invented, is all trash. Leave them & look to the power that will come down from Heavens. Find the beauty from Heavens. Beauty comes down from Heavens. Ugliness comes from earth. Real beauty comes down from Heavens. May we dress in the dress of Nur O Lord. O our Lord- You are Subhan, You are Sultan. May You accept us Ya Rabbi. There is no end or limit to Your Grants.

Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May the doors open for us. May we be told: “As-Salamu alaikum O servants whom Rabbu-l Izzat loves. Welcome to you. You came with barakah, you came with khair”. Go ahead and speak O Shah Mardan. Your yaran are your admirers. How beautiful is your way. Don’t leave that way and fall into a bad way. The bad way belongs to shaytan. Evil things belong to shaytan. “Don’t be shaytan, be angels” was said to mankind. O our Lord! May You grant us strength, power. May You dress us in the dress of majesty. O Lord, may You dress us in the dress of majesty that You dress on Your weak servants. Believers have the dress of majesty. Who doesn’t believe doesn’t have that dress of majesty. We have the dress of majesty which comes from the Sultan. “Dress in it and come to Me” says Allah. “Don’t leave it. I sent for you the dress of honour. Wear it and come to Me. Don’t fall into the filth of dunya”.

You are Subhan, You are Sultan O our Lord. You are Sultan O our Lord For the honour of Your Habib (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), for the honour of this Ramadan Sharif, may the tyrants, unbelievers, shaytans, get exhausted, be humiliated and fight each other. May the flags of Islam rise. O believers, raise the flag of Islam and a power that cannot be stopped comes to you. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Say this at least 3 times a day. You will be dressed with the dress of majesty. No troubles will come to you. They may dress in the dress of majesty. May you be dressed with a dress from the beauty of Heaven, from the honour of Heaven, which will give you happiness.

Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, we are weak servants. May imdad/help reach us. The imdad of Heavens reaches. Ramadan Sharif has arrived. It is welcome. Yaran of Sardar (commander), may it come with his barakah. O yaran Shah Mardan. May it come with his barakah. May it come with the power, which will defeat, crush shaytan Ya Rabbi. May You make us within that circle of Divine Protection Ya Rabbi. May we open up. May we expand. May we gain power and strength. May we not be a barn keeper. May we be dressed with beauty, may we not be ugly.

Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi. Allahu Allah, Allahu Hasbi. If they called with these words, there would be no need to go into the streets and scream. But Man lost his humanity and became only animal attributes. Return to your Lord, don’t go out into the streets. May the Heavenly support that will come down from Heavens reach you. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. As-Salamu alaikum O Hadirun, O yaran Shah Mardan.


We are the Ummah of the Sultanu-l Anbiya (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). The power and barakah of our Shaykh, who is the Sultanu-l Awliya, is on us. Let us say Huuu. O Shah Mardan, go ahead. Allah bless you.

~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS), 8th July, 2013.